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The Alumni and Corporate Affairs Office always strives to establish a powerful and extensive alumni network. You can connect with the 30,000-strong alumni community by keeping in touch with the latest happenings of your fellow alumni. Snippets include the professional movements of your peers, promotion news, recent appointments, achievements and other special announcements. If you would like to share your professional updates, please contact us at or telephone (852) 3943 1918. Stay connected!


Year Month
Antoinette Catonia Mia Bailey
(MBA 2017)

On 2 February, Antoinette Bailey was named MBA Student of the Year by the Association of MBAs in recognition of her contributions to society and the environment. A social entrepreneur, she has participated in Nurturing Social Minds, a project run by a local philanthropic organisation. Additionally, Antoinette was elected President of the MBA Student Association and made a Harvard Business School HPAIR Entrepreneurship and Technology delegate. She also founded the InterMBA Asia initiative to create a sharing economy between Hong Kong’s business schools. Currently, Antoinette is focusing on the launch of a technology product targeting social impact and sustainability causes.

Updated on 26-02-2018
Lai Xiao Ling, Chris
(MBA 2007)

Chris Lai joined Shun Wei Capital as a partner focusing on early-stage investments on 19 January. Previously, Chris worked for a number of investment institutions, including Morningside Venture Capital and Sinovation Ventures, and accumulated nearly ten years of TMT relevant investment experience  across mobile internet, automobiles and education.

Updated on 13-02-2018
Lam Man Ha, Daisy
(OneMBA 2007)

On 10 November 2017, Daisy Lam received the Asia Culture and Economic Award from the Asia Culture and Economic Promotion Institute of South Korea. This honour was given in recognition of her work promoting cultural and economic exchange between countries in the region. The following day, Daisy was also awarded the Peace Korea Medal, which was presented by the National Peaceful Unification Committee of South Korea and the Korea Woori Association. Daisy is currently President of Vision Education Group and is the only Hong Konger to win these prizes.

Updated on 06-02-2018
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