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A Perfect Moment with Prof. Dennis Fan


Many touching moments took place when staff and alumni gathered for Prof. Dennis Fan’s farewell party on 12 May. As the Business School’s Associate Dean (Undergraduate Studies), Prof. Fan spent 26 years serving the CUHK community and dedicated his life to education. He is a two-time recipient of the Outstanding Teacher Award and beloved by students, many of whom have become prominent leaders in various industries. 

“It's a huge honour of mine to have each of you here today to share my happiness, thoughts and memories. Almost three decades spent at CUHK is not a short time. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to work with different colleagues, who continue brightening my way with new ideas, passion and energy,” Prof. Fan said. “I won’t describe today as a sad moment, but rather a perfect moment for our unwinding relationships. The friendship you gave me will be treasured forever.”  

The gathering started with a warm message delivered by Dean Prof. Kalok Chan, followed by remarks from special people in Prof. Fan’s life, including Prof. Wong Suk Ying, CUHK Associate Vice-President and Director of Admissions and Financial Aid; Ms. Norris Lam, Prof. Fan’s former student and the Managing Partner at Forbes Financial Centers Development; and Prof. Andy Wong, the Business School’s Assistant Dean (Undergraduate Studies). Another former student of Prof. Fan, Mr. Patrick Cheung, Chairman of HGI Capital Holdings, sponsored a tea gathering at The Stage to celebrate this memorable occasion. 

It is sad to see Prof. Fan leaving us, but as he said, this farewell is not the end of his relationship with CUHK, but the beginning of something new. He expressed that he wishes to accomplish three goals during retirement by helping his wife develop a religious music mission in China, compiling “Monday Messages”, through which he shared his thoughts with students over the past six years, into a book, and writing about his childhood in the historic Mei Ho House, which is now a museum showcasing Shek Kip Mei’s public housing legacy from the 1950s to the 1970s. We hope Prof. Fan begins a fulfilling new chapter upon retirement and that he achieves his goals.

Dr. John Lai (right), the Business School’s Assistant Dean (Undergraduate Studies), presents a gift to Prof. Dennis Fan

A sweet group photo captures a cherished moment

Prof. Dennis Fan shares his thoughts with an audience of former and current colleagues and alumni 

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