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An Entertaining Mid-Autumn Festival Party for the Elderly


In partnership with the H.K.S.K.H. Western District Elderly Community Centre, Run to Your Home organised a Mid-Autumn Festival Party on 16 September to celebrate with elderly citizens.    

Early on Saturday morning, more than 50 enthusiastic volunteers gathered at the community centre for a briefing. Everyone had a role to play in this meaningful event. Some picked up the elderly from their homes while others used their talents to decorate the venue.   

Getting the party started, volunteers joined with the elderly to play light-hearted games, such as riddle-guessing. The elderly were particularly touched by the children’s musical performance, which was the highlight of the day. The kids also gave out special gifts they had prepared ── mugs that were beautifully decorated with their own drawings. Each unique drawing represented the children’s love and care for the community.

After escorting the elderly back to their homes at the end of the party, the volunteers gathered to share their experiences and discuss any improvements they can make for future events. Mr. Daniel Lo, Co-Founder and Chairman of Run to Your Home and a 2010 EMBA alumnus said, “The party today was full of love. We are glad to see how well the elderly citizens participated in the celebration, creating many good memories. Moving forward, we will continue providing our services to people in need, fulfilling our mission of making Hong Kong a better place”. 

Established by CUHK EMBA alumni in 2011, Run to Your Home is a social enterprise that aims to strengthen social cohesion and spread positive energy in the community.

Participants gather for the briefing session

Kids show their talents in the performances for the elderly

A kid is painting a mug under the guidance of her mom

Beautiful mugs demonstrate the love and care of the children