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Video Marketing in a Strong Uptrend


On 12 July, more than 70 alumni gathered at Google Hong Kong’s office to learn the latest in video marketing and how YouTube can be an effective tool to reach new customers. Entitled “Google Partners Digital Bites: YouTube's Video Marketing Strategies", the event was co-organised by Google and Madcradle Online and supported by the CUHK Business School.

Mr. Gary Li, Channel Sales Director (Greater China Region) of Google, began by sharing important findings about how the shift of video advertisements from TV to mobile phones impacted the veiwing behaviour of Hong Kongers. Outpacing the industry norm with 93% viewability and 95% audibility, YouTube is the most popular and influential online video platform, and offers the best opportunity for a viewer to see an advertisement.

After a short break, Mr. Fox Luk, Brand Strategy and Creative Advisor of Madcradle Online, continued with a discussion about the best practices of video marketing. He examined interesting real-life cases of innovative ways people are using online video to promote their businesses in Japan, the US and mainland China. Participants were thoroughly impressed with the presentations, and were able to glean practical value from each. The seminar ended with an open networking session, where participants actively exchanged ideas with the two speakers.

Ms. Florence Lai, the Alumni and Corporate Affairs Director, was delighted with the positive feedback, stating: “We are grateful to Google and Madcradle Online for offering our alumni valuable insights into the modern business world, and we look forward to further collaboration with leading companies for new opportunities to engage with fellow alumni.”

Attentive alumni eager to learn more about the world of digital video

Mr. Gary Li (top), Channel Sales Director of Google, and Mr. Fox Luk (bottom), Brand Strategy and Creative Advisor of Madcradle Online, capture the audience’s attention with their engaging presentations and interesting case studies 

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