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Walking the Talk – A New Approach to Giving Back


A recent EMBA Forum on 5 June, co-organised by the Business School and the EMBA Alumni Association, focused on a theme close to every graduate’s heart – contributing to society. 

After two years at CUHK, many EMBA students are familiar with the Left-Right Circle Theory and how its creator, Program Director Prof. Andrew Chan, inspires people to “do well by doing good.” During the forum, the audience listened to two proud graduates discuss how they “walked the talk” after graduation and made a difference in the lives of others.

First, Mr. Simon Wong, who earned an EMBA in 1996 and is a Founding Chairperson of the EMBA Alumni Association, addressed the audience. He shared how the program inspired him to found the alumni association and encourage people to look beyond their studies for chances to help others. In 2015, he successfully formed a partnership with the Hong Kong Council of Social Service and contributed to the latest Tri-Sector Leadership in Action workshop, which brought together governmental, private and public sectors. 

Next, Mr. Andrew Tsui, a 2013 EMBA graduate and the founder of Rooftop Republic ( spoke about creating urban farms in Hong Kong while utilising the Left-Right Circle Theory. He also mentioned how this endeavour required him to go beyond his comfort zone as he actively promoted sustainability to corporations, schools and urban farming organisations in different countries. Afterwards, he concluded his talk by encouraging businesses to create shared value by focusing on social and environmental impact in addition to profit – the triple bottom line approach.  

At the end of the evening, Prof. Andrew Chan said, “As the spirit of social contribution grows, we hope more people, be they alumni or members of the public, will be inspired to start their own circle of influence.” 

Two dedicated EMBA alumni, Mr. Simon Wong (top) and Mr. Andrew Tsui (bottom), discuss their experiences creating circles of influence

The EMBA Forum is an inspiring event and a valuable networking opportunity