Kozo Miyata (MBA 2018) returned to Tokyo with extended business network in Asia

Name     Kozo Miyata
Study Programme     MBA (2018)
Nationality     Japan
Work Location     Tokyo
Current Job     Senior Marketing Manager (H2 Co.,Ltd)


Q1. Please use 3 words to describe your life in your residing city.

Innovative, Drastic. Potential.
Tokyo is the capital and most populous prefecture in Japan. The city is the political and economic centre of the country. People bring information and knowledge there, and many entrepreneurs start their businesses there.
Moreover, because of well- developed IT, many things have drastically improved. So, Tokyo has huge potential to start business.

Q2. What is the one thing you miss from your studies at CUHK Business School?

The business trip in Taiwan saw much discussion about business, culture and so on until the early hours! If we had time, I would like to do it with same members again.

Q3. What did you learn in CUHK Business School which has impacted your life?

I learnt much about Asian business and update this knowledge every day. Because I can connect with alumni who work in Asia, I think the friendship between our alumni is strong and will continue forever!

Q4. Which industry do you see strong business potential in Japan?

Medical and IT. Because of COVID-19, it will dramatically change and the government also supports it.