Winson Wong (EMBA 2020): Macao, A Small But Mighty City

Name Winson Wong
Study Programme EMBA 2020
Current Location Macao
Current Job Head of Credit in bank


Q1. Could you briefly describe your current job scope or responsibilities?

Currently I work as Head of Credit in a listed financial group which operates mainly in the Greater Bay Area (GBA). As department head, I manage a team which specialises in corporate governance, risk and compliance (GRC), and our scope of work covers credit management, regulatory reporting, asset portfolio management and risk assessment for new products.


Q2. How would you describe Macao?

Macao is integrated and unique.

As the world’s gaming capital, Macao is a dynamic city where East meets West. A Portuguese colony in the past, the city integrates Chinese and Portuguese influences to conclude a unique culture for itself. Diversity is embraced at all ends, from cuisines, arts to historical attractions which were conserved and invigorated with both East and West elements.

Before COVID hits, rapid development in economy and society was evident. People were highly mobile and our lives are highly integrated with those in the cities around. With world-class resorts growing in number, the city was on its way to becoming a world centre of tourism and leisure. Even though the pandemic has caused drastic economic impacts, Macao is still making great progress by strengthening its cultural, arts and other basic infrastructures. I am confident that tourists will be amazed by what Macao can offer after the pandemic.


Q3. Which industry do you see strong business potential in Macao and why?

I think the insurance industry has strong business potential.

The disease prevention measures of Macao are aligned with that of the mainland China, and borders in between were already reopened. Insurance products, operation models, charges as well as protection are also similar to those offered in nearby cities, so there were great incentives for mainland Chinese residents to buy insurance here.

On the other hand, with the volatility of RMB, assets valued at HKD or other currencies are relatively more attractive. Together with the boost over health consciousness in the pandemic, which in return promoted investment and risk mitigation acts, the insurance industry sees positive signs of development amidst of the economic adversity. There is an increasing number of local and overseas companies expanding their investment and team size in Macao, while some others are seeking to develop their local branch here.


Q4. What did you enjoy the most during your study in CUHK Business School?

I enjoy the process of learning, “relearning” and “unlearning”. My classmates are all senior executives and entrepreneurs, who genuinely share their valuable experiences and thoughts to fuel our discussion in class. The teaching team at CUHK Business School is also of extremely high standard, widely recognised internationally for its academic and practical expertise. Professors did not only deliver professional knowledge but also bring us into thorough studies on the most recent business know-how and cases worldwide (e.g. on artificial intelligence and digital transformation). Together with insightful guest lectures featuring industry experts, we are able to visit management and decisional issues with a panoramic view and I find the experience truly inspiring.


Winson (third from left) enjoyed the vivid learning vibe in his EMBA study enabled by experienced faculty and classmates