CUHK MBA Alumni Voices – Career Advancement

Speed Up Your Career Advancement with CUHK MBA!

We are pleased to invite our alumni, Mr. Yutaro Goto (MBA 2021), Ms. Suhani Jain (MBA 2021) and Ms. Cecilia Li (MBA 2021), to share with us their career advancement journey. Suhani and Cecilia will share how CUHK MBA helped them to seize the opportunity to work in Hong Kong from India and Beijing respectively, while Yutaro will share how the programme helped him to pivot from aviation to technology industry. Meanwhile, we will also provide you with information on our curriculum, career support, MBA admissions process and scholarship.

Meet us at the upcoming “CUHK MBA Alumni Voices – Career Advancement” to find out how the CUHK MBA helps to build essential business acumen and level up management & leadership skills for career advancement.

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