Our Alumni | Global Alumni Ambassadors

Programme Mission

CUHK Business School is privileged to have alumni all over the world who are passionate about staying connected and supporting the Business School’s development.

The Global Alumni Ambassador (GAA) Programme is supported by enthusiastic and devoted alumni based outside Hong Kong who can serve as a bridge to help:


  • CONNECT global alumni to our alumni network and CUHK Business School, especially in areas not covered by any alumni associations
  • ADVOCATE on our behalf to prospective students and the public
  • PROMOTE our global presence, development efforts and engagement activities to alumni

Role of GAA


  • Bridge the alumni network to CUHK Business School
  • Build a connected alumni network in his/ her locality
  • Welcome and support alumni, exchange students and staff who are new to his/ her locality


  • Help the public understand the vision of the Business School
  • Reflect the strength of the Business School with his/ her impressive credentials and testimonials


  • Be the face of the Business School in his/ her locality
  • Leverage social media to promote the Business School and its activities
  • Support the Business School’s admissions by sharing his/ her own experiences and referral, and helping to build

What They Will Do

These are some of the activities GAAs can expect to take onduring their two-year tenure:


  • Having coffee meet-ups with alumni
  • Organising local get-togethers to help local alumni connect
  • Attending events held by the Business School (including GAA online inauguration ceremony)
  • Welcoming visitors and exchange students from CUHK Business School and being the local point of contact for on-the-ground support
  • Starting a local instant messaging group and staying accessible to alumni in his/ her locality

News & Updates

  • Promoting Business School events on social media
  • Sharing Business School updates on their personal networks and following CUHK Business School accounts
  • Sharing their news and viewsinAlumni World Map column and inviting local alumni to contribute as well

Meet Your GAA!

The GAA 2021/ 23 cohort consists of 73 committed GAAs from 24 countries and regions across six continents. If you are currently residing outside of Hong Kong, find your GAA below and connect with him/ her NOW!

Terms & Conditions

apply. If you are interested to know more about the GAA programme, please contact us.