CUHK EMBA Ranks 29th in Financial Times Executive MBA Ranking 2018


The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) Business School’s Executive MBA has been ranked 29th in the Financial Times Executive MBA Ranking 2018, which features the world’s top 100 programmes.

Among the top two independent EMBA programmes in Greater China, CUHK EMBA’s alumni have achieved high average salary three years after graduation, with an average amount of more than HK$2.09 million (US$267,490). The programme’s alumni also achieved a high average salary increase rate of 59 per cent. The programme ranks top amongst all independent EMBA programmes in Asia Pacific in terms of the proportion of female students, with 38 per cent of the student body represented by female business leaders. In a new criterion that indicates EMBA programme’s proportion of core courses dedicated to corporate social responsibility, ethic, social and environmental issues, CUHK EMBA also came first amongst all independent EMBA programmes in Greater China. CUHK EMBA has scored high in areas including alumni’s career progress, aims achieved via programme, Business School’s research publications, and international diversity and female proportion in the programme’s advisory board.

“We are very pleased to see the positive ranking results,” said Prof. Andrew C. F. Chan, Co-Director of Executive MBA Programme at CUHK Business School. “We were the first EMBA Programme in Hong Kong, and it is a truly made-in-Hong Kong product. While ranking is not our foremost pursuit, we appreciate the recognition of our effort and ability to nurture top-notch management talent to meet the needs of Hong Kong, the mainland and the world. We follow CUHK’s global vision and mission ‘to combine tradition with modernity, and to bring together China and the West’ as our motto. We have also established the ‘six pillars’ (Theories, Practices, Internal Network, External Network, Strategic Perspectives and Social Contribution) as our programme’s core value to enhance the well-being of the business community and society.”

CUHK EMBA continues to introduce new course content and bring new learning experiences to students. To enhance relevancy and practicality for quality teaching, the programme has partnered with business leaders and Business School faculty members to successfully develop three case studies titled “TSL Jewellery: An Innovator Across Generations”, “Hung Fook Tong: From Hong Kong to China” and “AMOREPACIFIC Hong Kong: Marketing Korean Beauty Products”. Chief executives from these companies were invited to classes to share their insights and discuss the real business cases with students.

CUHK EMBA programme continues to innovate in its curriculum by offering electives such as “Design and Innovation Management”, “Innovation Technology”, “FinTech”, “China Business” and “Applied Entrepreneurship”, etc. Students also have the opportunity to develop their global perspective and interact with senior executives from different parts of the world during overseas study trips. During summer of 2018, two trips to Denmark and the UK were hosted. A “Greater China EMBA Elite Study Week” is hosted annually with EMBA Programmes of Peking University and the National Taiwan University, and this year’s theme was “Social Innovation”.

Since 2003, in collaboration with the Radio Television Hong Kong (RTHK), CUHK EMBA has been running the “Talking to CEOs” and the “New Thinking in Management” TV/Radio programmes. These programmes have been broadcast on several key media channels including RTHK Radio One, RTHK TV 31, i-Cable Live News Channel, now Business News Channel and now Direct Channel. Distinguished leaders, academics and government officials were invited to these programmes to share their experience and insights with the alumni and students.

These broadcasts, as well as the content of the EMBA forums, conferences, seminars, etc., are published regularly in books, newspapers and magazines to reach a broader audience. Over 1,000 articles have been published over the past 15 years.

To provide lifelong learning opportunities and enhance networking for EMBA alumni and students, CUHK EMBA has been conducting different types of non-credit bearing seminars/events since 2002 and invited all EMBA alumni and students to attend, including monthly EMBA Forums, quarterly Left-Right Circles Theory Seminar, and the annual EMBA Annual Conference cum Reunion Dinner. In addition to these events, the CUHK EMBA Alumni Association also organizes an array of activities.

Read the full Financial Times EMBA Ranking 2018 results at: or click here to download a pdf copy.






香港中文大學(中大)商學院行政人員工商管理碩士課程(EMBA)獲英國《金融時報》(Financial Times)評選為2018年度全球EMBA百強排名榜第二十九位。


中大EMBA課程聯席主任陳志輝教授表示:「這個優異的排名成績令我們感到十分欣慰。我們首創了全港第一個EMBA課程,真正是香港製造。誠然,排名一向都不是我們最重要的目標。我們最重要的任務是致力培育頂尖的管理人才,以迎合香港、中國內地和全球的需要。我們秉承了中大『結合傳統與現代 融會中國與西方』作為課程主軸,並以六大支柱(理論、實務、內部聯繫、對外聯繫、策略思考和社會貢獻)作為課程的核心價值,從而提升商界及廣大社會的素質。」

中大EMBA不斷精益求益,引入創新的課程內容,務求為學員帶來耳目一新的學習體驗。為加強高質素教學的切合性和實用性,中大EMBA課程與商界領袖及中大商學院其他教研人員合作,成功編寫了《TSL Jewellery: An Innovator Across Generations》、《Hung Fook Tong: From Hong Kong to China》和《AMOREPACIFIC Hong Kong: Marketing Korean Beauty Products》三個個案。有關企業之高層亦應邀出席課堂,即席分享其真知灼見,並與學員一起分析和探討其公司的真實業務個案。








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