Social ROI 101 for Senior Business Executives

Oct 24, 2018


It’s no-brainer for businesses to evaluate ROI in order to judge their effectiveness. Yet, how many executives know how to quantify and measure their CSR and CSV efforts?

In August, the EMBA Alumni Association held its capstone programme of the year: a 5-day Social Hacker Training Workshop. Open to EMBA alumni, students and special guests, the programme provided essential knowledge on mobilising the commercial sectors with the aim of co-creating social value. Co-organised by Fullness Social Enterprises Society (FSES), the debut workshop on 22 August, “How to Assess Social Impact”, was met by a curious, enthusiastic audience.

Over 60 business executives attended the session, which was delivered by Dr. Kee Chi Hing, J.P., Chairman of FSES and Adjunct Professor of Baptist University. Dr. Kee introduced concepts and theories with practical examples and exercises. He demonstrated calculations for measuring various types of social impact, for projects ranging from a Tin Shui Wai community development to the integration of new immigrants. Such methodologies can effectively broaden the mindset of corporates, inspiring them to begin measuring returns on CSR and CSV initiatives.

Dr. Kee’s teachings were followed by a live demonstration by Ms. Eva Wong, co-founder of Wedo Global, a social enterprise providing multicultural experience and training for schools and corporates. Ms. Wong showed how her organisation’s projects are using the FSES model to derive SROI, an interesting and practical application that many EMBA alumni appreciated.

The 2-hour event closed with an interactive question-and-answer session, and palpable anticipation for the next workshop in late October.


Dr. Kee Chi Hing, J.P., Chairman of Fullness Social Enterprises Society and Adjunct Professor of Baptist University


Ms. Eva Wong, co-founder of Wedo Global


Posing in the lecture theatre are (front row) Mr. Ivan Pong (4th from right), President of the EMBA Alumni Association; Dr. Kee Chi Hing, J.P. (3rd from right), Chairman of Fullness Social Enterprises Society and Adjunct Professor of Baptist University; and Ms. Eva Wong (2nd from right), co-founder of Wedo Global

An interesting group photo featuring speakers, EMBA Alumni Association executive committee members and alumni




在8月份,中大商學院行政人員工商管理碩士(EMBA)校友會舉辦其年度亮點活動 —— 為期五天的「社會駭客培訓工作坊」,讓EMBA校友、同學和嘉賓參加,為他們提供連繫各行業的必備知識,以求共創社會價值。活動與「豐盛社企學會」聯合主辦,首個工作坊「如何評估社會影響力」已於8月22日舉行,吸引了一群對主題深感興趣的參加者。













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