“Ready for action!” This is a group photo taken in the kick-off ceremony, showing a full team comprising 27 members from FMBA and MBA programmes.

Athletes from our MBA and MBA in Finance (FMBA) programmes joined forces to take part in the 8th Asia-Pacific Business Schools Desert Adventure, held from 27 to 29 April. The team comprised 27 alumni and students, who competed against other business school participants in a three-day endurance challenge across 70 kilometres of Tengger Desert in Inner Mongolia.  

The desert adventure – notorious for involving extreme physical hardship – attracted some 3,000 contestants from 95 business schools across 40 regions and countries, including China, Singapore, Canada, the United Kingdom and Australia. Prof. Liu Ming, Director of our FMBA programme, commended the CUHK participants: “All 27 of our team members conquered the desert’s unpredictable conditions to finish the entire journey. Their extraordinary performance truly showcased our core values for this year’s challenge: environmental protection, collaboration, persistence and responsibility. It’s an amazing achievement – and they have made me so proud.”

The following alumni and students made up the CUHK team:  

Team Leader: Grace ZHANG (full-time MBA, 2018 intake) 

Assistant Team Leader: HU Zhengguo (FMBA, 2014 intake) 


FMBA (15 members)
QING Zhou (2013 intake)
YANG Xin (2013 intake)
JIAO Liang (2014 intake)
YUAN Xioaning (2014 intake)
ZHANG Jianwei (2014 intake)
CHEN Liwei (2017 intake)
CHEN Yuxuan (2017 intake)
LIU Yuancheng (2017 intake)
NIU Yun (2017 intake)
ZHOU Xing (2017 intake)
DONG Mingda (2018 intake)
HUANG Zihua (2018 intake)
PAN Rui (2018 intake)
XIANG Xing (2018 intake)
ZHU Miao (2018 intake)

MBA (10 members)
CHEN Shuojian (full time, 1996 intake)
George LEUNG (part-time, 2012 intake)
Phil ROY (part-time, 2016 intake)
Mike WONG (part-time, 2017 intake)
Alan ZHONG (part time, 2017 intake)
CHEN Zhijun (2018 exchange student)
Wayne HSU (full time, 2018 intake)
Joyce JIANG (part time, 2018 intake)
Howard LI (full time, 2018 intake)
ZENG Jianchun (part time, 2018 intake)

Our heartfelt congratulations go out to every person on this remarkable team!

The hardy trekkers pit themselves against the vast desert

Nothing can dampen the spirits of our warriors during the endurance challenge

Teamwork and collaboration factor high at the three-day competition

“Hooray! We made it!”

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