Industry Insights ― Happiness Stems from Loving What You Do

Mr. Teddy Liu, General Manager of Corporate and Talent Development at New World Development Co. Ltd., delivers an inspiring lecture to an eager-to-learn audience

On 27 June, approximately 50 attendees packed into the CUHK Business School Town Centre to hear a lecture entitled “Experience a Career That Brings Joy”. The full-house event welcomed alumni and students who were eager to hear insights from Mr. Teddy Liu, General Manager of Corporate and Talent Development at New World Development Co. Ltd. His fascinating lecture was organised by the Alumni and Corporate Affairs Office as part of its “Industry Insights” series, which aims to offer alumni and business executives the chance to learn from business leaders and make connections. 

Mr. Liu has a passion for talent development, and has been a mentor to many young university students in Hong Kong. Some of the questions his lecture posed included, in a competitive environment like Hong Kong, how can we prepare for career development? How can we plan our careers to make life more enjoyable, based on the understanding that work is only just a part of life? 

Mr. Liu spent the next hour demonstrating the essence of self-reflection by considering the true value of life and how our careers can drive happiness and offer deeper insights. “Career development is a lifelong process of managing learning, work, leisure and transitions in order for us to move forward. Our careers, if narrowly defined as ‘our working lives’, will probably only be considered a somewhat dry but necessary period within the total span of our lives,” he said. Discussing a future world where many jobs will be lost to AI and robotics, Mr. Liu encouraged the audience to keep adding value and doing what they love, because this is the best way to make each of us marketable and stay relevant. “The only way to do great work is to love what you do, and having a career like this will bring you happiness,” he remarked. After the lecture, an interactive discussion took place, facilitated by Mr. Wilson Wan, a BBA alumnus and Chairman of Cleverage Capital Limited. This truly inspired the audience to reflect deeply on their careers and future plans in life. 

Ms. Florence Lai, the Alumni and Corporate Affairs Director, enjoyed the interesting topic and enthusiastic discussion that followed. “We are glad that the ‘Industry Insights’ series is well-liked by attendees. In the future, we will continue to organise more thought-provoking talks to benefit our alumni and students in their professional and personal development.” 


Mr. Wilson Wan (left), a BBA alumnus and Chairman of Cleverage Capital Limited, and Ms. Florence Lai, Alumni and Corporate Affairs Director, present a gift to Mr. Teddy Liu

Inspired alumni and students join an interactive discussion

The talk series provides a networking platform for alumni and students, all within a comfortable environment

Cheers! Let’s pose for a happy group photo!

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