Volunteers enjoy chatting with 104-year-old Luk Por Por while she has her haircut

Run to Your Home, an NGO established by EMBA alumni, organises regular opportunities for volunteers to give back to society. Recently, it held a new activity that had never been tried before ― a haircutting service for the elderly.

Volunteers were given eight workshops to learn haircutting techniques from a professional hair stylist brought in by the NGO. During the workshops, they partnered with a group of experienced hair stylist volunteers to provide haircutting services for senior citizens at the Li Chan Yuk Sim Elderly Home in Shatin.

On the day, the volunteers and hair stylists paired up to treat the senior citizens to a relaxing haircut. The volunteers watched the techniques of the hair stylists carefully, while chatting with the senior citizens to get to know them better and help them feel comfortable. Everyone enjoyed the mutual rapport being built between the young and the old.

Many of the senior citizens had interesting stories to tell. The volunteers especially enjoyed chatting to a 104-year-old lady by the name of Luk Por Por, who had natural black hair and sat elegantly with her legs crossed on her chair. To our amazement, her mind was still clear and sharp. She gave the volunteers her best tips on how to stay young, energetic and healthy. She said her secret was to be happy and open-minded, and to always eat and rest well. Each haircut lasted about 15 minutes, and the volunteers were able to serve 36 elderly people in an hour and a half.

Established in 2011, Run to Your Home is a social enterprise that aims to strengthen cohesion and spread positive energy in the community. Co-Founder and Chairman Mr. Daniel Lo, a 2010 EMBA alumnus, remarked, “We are glad to be able to expand our volunteering services and benefit more senior citizens in different ways. Going forward, we will continue looking for new opportunities to help the needy in the society and create a better Hong Kong for everyone.”

Mr. Daniel Lo (back row, 2nd from left, in orange T-shirt), an EMBA alumnus and Co-Founder and Chairman of Run to Your Home, leads the volunteers in providing hair-cutting services for the elderly

An experienced hair stylist (right) illustrates haircutting techniques to an attentive volunteer

Volunteers gather for a debriefing to share their experiences after a rewarding day

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