Eva Chu (MBA 2000) Sets Up an AI-driven Education Centre to Promote Happy Learning

Upon graduating with a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree from the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK), Eva Chu decided to actualise her love for kids by devoting herself in the education field. She founded iSTEM AI Lab and uses AI, VR and gamification to create an interactive learning environment for children to creatively participate in class, pursue knowledge and truth, stay motivated and learn happily.

In Eva’s mind, every child is endowed with exceptional potential and talent, which is why she believes that cultivating an interest to learn is particularly important in class. Besides bringing in “hands-on” experience, Eva and her team also help children build empathy and multi-perspective thinking, encouraging them to express their feelings and thoughts and growing up with them together.

When Eva teaches, she feels connected to the philosophy of “life influences life”. Whether the child makes a small breakthrough or completes a task independently from scratch, every single accomplishment gives Eva and her team a great sense of achievement. The pure joy and satisfaction among children is simply contagious, according to Eva. Seeing the seed they planted thrive, they were fueled with the energy to carry on exploring new possibilities.

Based on her educational experience so far, Eva thinks that education workers should serve as facilitators who guide children to think and make room for them to shine. Most importantly, they should work with parents to create synergy. While teachers draw on their expertise in helping children learn, parents as caretakers can reflect challenges they face at home for teachers to handle relevant knowledge transfer. Although these two parties play entirely different roles, they are equally important to a child’s development.



Via teaching a group of children and youth volunteers about innovation and technology (upper image) and offering them a platform to serve the elderly in the community (lower image), Eva wishes to promote cross-generational harmony and demonstrate how “life influences life”.

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