Undergraduate Admissions of CUHK Business School

Aug 21, 2018


Dear Alumni,

The  results  of  the  Joint  University  Programmes  Admissions  System (JUPAS) were released today (6 August 2018). Although the number of eligible students reaches a new low at about 59,000, most of our business programmes maintain their remarkable admission scores. A few of them even record an improvement over last year. We are deeply encouraged by how well received our programmes are among students, parents and secondary school teachers. The following highlights are indeed part of their acknowledgement:
  •  2 (out of 9) top HKDSE scorers, who achieved 5** in 7 subjects, are admitted by our programmes including Global Business Studies (GBS) and Global Economics and Finance (GLEF)
  •  4 business programmes have been among the top 10 CUHK programmes based on WGPA for the 5 years in a row. They are GBS, Quantitative Finance and Risk Management (QFRM), International Business and Chinese Enterprise (IBCE), and Quantitative Finance (QFN)
  •  3 programmes record significant year-on-year improvement. They are QFRM, QFN and BBA-Juris Doctor.

We are pleased with the satisfactory admission scores. At the same time, we are equally happy for the increasing diversity in the student mix thanks to the expanded effort in international admission and innovative admission schemes:
  • As of today, 226 international students are joining us from 20 countries and regions. Two of them are awarded with the Hong Kong SAR Government’s Belt and Road Scholarship (Thailand). 
  • 27 top sportsmen and talent in other areas who represent Hong Kong in major international sports and other key competitions are admitted through the Sports Scholarship Scheme and Principals’ Nomination Scheme. One of them is awarded with the Multi-faceted Excellence Scholarship by Home Affairs Bureau of the Hong Kong SAR Government.  

We thank you for your participation and great effort in the current admission campaign. Some of you joined our outreach activities, giving lectures and workshops. Some of you served as interviewers to help us identify the most suitable candidates. And most of you have been wonderful ambassadors of the school, giving positive words-of-mouth and great advice on both formal and informal bases. We would like to express our special gratitude to alumni who joined the admission interviews in June. Your presence was a strong testimony of the quality of our education.   

The CUHK Business School has become the most preferred choice of business education in Hong Kong because of you.
Thank you very much. We will work harder and closer together in the next admission campaign.

Kind regards,

Andy Wong
Associate Dean (Undergraduate Studies)
CUHK Business School 






  • 在香港中學文憑試(HKDSE)取得7科5**的9位狀元中,共有兩位被錄取入讀本院的環球商業學(GBS)及環球經濟與金融學(GLEF)課程。
  • 按WGPA計算,4項商學課程連續5年躋身十大中大課程之列,分別是GBS、計量金融學及風險管理科學(QFRM)、國際貿易與中國企業學(IBCE),以及計量金融學(QFN)。
  • 合共3項課程的錄取分數顯著提升,分別是QFRM、QFN和工商管理學士(綜合)/法律博士雙學位課程。


  • 截至今天為止,已有來自20個國家和地區的226名國際學生入讀本院,其中兩人獲頒香港特區政府的一帶一路獎學金(泰國)。
  • 27名代表香港參加主要國際體育賽事或其他重要比賽的頂級運動員及其他方面的精英,透過體育獎學金計劃及校長提名計劃獲得錄取,其中一位獲頒香港特區政府民政事務局的多元卓越獎學金。






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