CUHK Mooncakes for Charity

Aug 13, 2018


Mid-Autumn Festival is coming soon! To make the festival extra special, why not enjoy delicious mooncakes with your family while contributing to charity? 

The Chinese University of Hong Kong has joined hands with Caritas La Vie, a social enterprise which provides job opportunities for the mentally disabled through baking, to prepare “CUHK Mooncakes”. These are made with low sugar white lotus seed paste and two egg yolks. For every box of four sold (HK$300), the CUHK‧Care service team will donate a mooncake to elderly people in Shatin and Tai Po, with profits contributing to the University’s I‧CARE programme. If you would like to be part of this remarkable initiative, please place your order here before 28 August.

If you have any questions, please contact the CUHK Communications and Public Relations Office by phone (+852 3943 3945) or email ( 





香港中文大學聯同透過烘焙業務為精神病康復者提供就業機會的社會企業「明愛天糧」,攜手炮製「中大月餅」 —— 一盒四個的雙黃低糖白蓮蓉月。每售出一盒(港幣$300),中大.關懷服務團即會為沙田 / 大埔區獨居長者送上「中大月餅」乙個,而收益將撥捐中大 I.CARE 博群計劃。若你有意參與這項慈善創舉,請在8月28日前按此訂購。

如有查詢,請致電+852 3943 3945或電郵至,與中大傳訊及公共關係處聯絡。  

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