Tencent Alumni Reminisce Fondly over a Hotpot Dinner

Jul 18, 2018


On 10 July, 13 alumni gathered for a happy reunion over a scrumptious hotpot dinner in Shenzhen. The majority of the attendees are graduates of the MBA Program in Finance (FMBA), as well as senior staff of Tencent across administration, business investment, product development and Fintech. Hosting the dinner gathering were Prof. Liu Ming, Director of the FMBA Program, and Ms. Florence Lai, Alumni and Corporate Affairs Director. 

“These alumni come from Tencent, but the company is so big that they don’t meet very often. It’s great to be able to connect here tonight with a whole table of alumni representing different divisions of Tencent. This is a valuable opportunity indeed,” Prof. Liu remarked. 

 On behalf of the Alumni and Corporate Affairs Office, Ms. Lai extended her heartfelt appreciation for the hospitality of the earnest alumni. “With the support of our enthusiastic alumni, I look forward to building an even stronger and closer alumni network in Shenzhen,” she added. 

The alumni enjoyed a wonderful evening chatting and mingling

Joining the cheerful group photo are Prof. Liu Ming (sitting 2nd from left), Director of the FMBA Program, and Ms. Florence Lai, Alumni and Corporate Affairs Director (sitting 3rd from left)


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