The Power of Fintech to Transform Traditional Securities

Jul 11, 2018


Nowadays, it’s commonplace to rely on Weixin payment rather than cash in day-to-day transactions. Mobile payment platforms like these are just one of the many exciting developments in Fintech. Others include cloud computing, blockchain and big data, which are bringing Fintech front and centre in modern society. 

Even the scorching summer heat could not deter over 100 alumni and securities friends from attending a talk titled “Fintech-led Revolution in Traditional Securities”, featuring guest speaker Dr. Yang Long, Vice President of Gf Securities Co. Ltd, organized by FMBA Alumni Association. Held on 10 June in the Shenzhen International Innovation Centre, the event was hosted by Mr. Su Xusheng (FMBA 2017), Assistant General Manager of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, who introduced the topic of technological transition in securities companies and the vital role of Fintech in the future of the industry. 

Dr. Yang Long began his talk by analysing the transformation of securities retailers, giving an in-depth introduction on the strategic plan of Gf Securities. He demonstrated a three-pronged approach in which servicing, operation and business models (e.g. terminal consulting, robot investing, and Golden Key, etc.) make it effective for traditional securities companies to experience technological transition. Citing Goldman Sachs and Walmart as successful American examples that have benefitted from Fintech, Dr. Yang concluded by encouraging China’s traditional securities companies to find a similar path. His enlightening talk held his audience riveted and broadened their global horizons. 

To foster a lasting relationship between FMBA alumni and business leaders across various industries, Ms. Florence Lai, Alumni and Corporate Affairs Director, presented a letter of appointment to Dr. Yang Long following his lecture, making him a business mentor on this project. 

Mr. Su Xusheng opened the seminar as the host of this event

Guest speaker Dr. Yang Long’s inspiring talk kept his audience immersed 

Ms. Florence Lai (right), Alumni and Corporate Affairs Director, presents a letter of appointment and a souvenir to Dr. Yang Long





雖然正值炎夏盛暑,但無阻百多位校友和證券界友好出席「金融科技引領傳統證券變革」講座。活動由香港中文大學金融財務工商管理碩士課程(FBMA)深圳同學會主辦,邀得廣發證券副總裁楊龍博士擔任主講嘉賓。講座於6月10日在深圳國際創新中心舉行,由深圳證券交易所總經理助理宿旭升先生(FMBA 2017年畢業校友)擔任主持,簡介證券公司技術轉型,以及金融科技對行業未來的重要作用。






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