The DROP Program Showcases Social x Business Inspirational Workshop Series

Jul 09, 2018


Following the principles of its social contribution pillar, the EMBA Alumni Association launched a new program called “DROP” in 2018. Its aim is to inspire more businesses to ‘drop’ old practices and mindsets to bring about more sustainable gains for businesses and the community.
The past several months saw the EMBA Alumni Association partner with social enterprises and businesses to hold three cross-sector workshops. These featured distinguished speakers who shared their experience of doing business and demonstrated how they achieved a remarkable synergy. These were: 
• Cathay Pacific x Rooftop Republic: creating sustainable economic success with a social impact
• General Mills x iBakery:  driving economic value alongside creating social value
• HKT (Tap & Go) x Heycoins: changing the usual way of doing business and co-creating shared value

Over 100 participants attended the three inspirational workshops. Hopefully, they will act as a DROP in their own working environments and extend the valuable message of “creating shared value (CSV)” to the people around them. 

There are more social contribution activities to come. Please stay tuned for news from CUHK EMBA Alumni Association. 


Guest speaker Mr. Andrew Tsui (centre, 1st from left, in glasses) is a 2013 EMBA graduate and the Founder of Rooftop Republic

Mr. Ivan Tong (far right), President of the EMBA Alumni Association, presents souvenirs to the three guest speakers (from left): Ms. Monita Leung, Chief Executive of HKT Payment Ltd; and Mr. Adam Lau and Mr. Eddie Rong, Co-founders of award-winning social enterprise, Heycoins


Speakers Ms. Lily Au (1st row, far left), Former Managing Director (North & South East Asia Region) of General Mills, and Ms. Florence Chan (1st row, 2nd from left), Assistant Superintendent of Tung Wah Group of Hospitals Jockey Club Rehabilitation Complex, pose for a happy photo with the workshop attendees



「Drop 社.得 」社企x商業勵志工作坊系列 
中大商學院行政人員工商管理碩士(EMBA)校友會秉持作為社會貢獻支柱的原則,在本年推出一項名為「DROP 社. 得」的嶄新計劃,旨在激勵更多企業 “DROP” 去(放棄)舊有做法和思維模式,為企業和社區帶來更多可持續效益。

  • 國泰航空x雲耕一族:透過社會影響力創造可持續的經濟成果
  • 通用磨坊x iBakery(愛烘焙麵包工坊):在創造社會價值的同時推動經濟價值
  • 香港電訊(Tap & Go拍住賞)x Heycoins:改變常見經營方式,共同創造共享價值

三個鼓舞人心的工作坊共有百多名人士參加。我們期望參加者能在其工作環境中發揮 “DROP” 的作用,向身邊朋友傳遞「創造共享價值(CSV)」的寶貴信息。 


演講嘉賓徐伽先生(中間左一, 戴眼鏡)是2013年EMBA畢業校友兼「雲耕一族」創始人



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