Data and Dim Sum in Ontario

Jun 22, 2018


More than 40 alumni got together for a lunch gathering on 16 June at the Tasty BBQ Seafood Restaurant in North York. The event was organised by the Ontario Alumni Network, whose members are all graduates of CUHK Business School and the Department of Economics at The Chinese University of Hong Kong. Since its formation in 2014, the network has strived to bring together alumni in Ontario for the betterment of their alma mater, fellow alumni and the community as a whole.

Before lunch, Mr. Jimmy Ma (MBA 1990) from Welbilt led a discussion on big data, a hot topic in the digital era. Mr. Ma started by explaining how big data came about, and its 4Vs: volume, variety, velocity and veracity. He took global companies such as Walmart, Google and Netflix as examples to demonstrate different industry applications of big data, and also gave an illustration of data mining. The group engaged in the discussion enthusiastically, finding his insights relevant and useful. Afterwards, everyone enjoyed catching up with old classmates and friends over a delicious dim sum lunch.  

We are grateful to the Ontario Alumni Network for putting together such a wonderful event for fellow alumni in Ontario. The network will continue to organise inspiring and memorable events to connect fellow alumni living in Ontario, Canada. If you would like to be informed of upcoming activities, please contact Mr. Philip Chu (MBA 1977) at or Mr. Steve Ng (MBA 1971) at  Let’s stay connected! 


Guest speaker Mr. Jimmy Ma (MBA 1990)

Fellow alumni in Ontario pose for a happy photo to commemorate this special occasion


Mr. Jimmy Ma inspires alumni with his talk on big data and its applications





午餐前,來自Welbilt公司的馬啓新先生(MBA 1990)與大家一起討論數碼時代的熱門話題 —— 大數據。馬先生首先解釋大數據是如何產生,以及其4V特點:大量(Volume)、多元化(Variety)、速度(Velocity)和精確性(Veracity),繼而舉出沃爾瑪、谷歌、Netflix等環球企業為例,展示大數據在不同行業的應用,並輔以數據挖掘加以說明。與會者積極參與討論,認為他的見解貼題而實用。之後,大伙兒一邊品嚐美味的點心午餐,一邊與同窗舊友互道近況。

我們感謝中大安省經商校友網絡為安省校友舉辦這樣一個精彩的活動。該網絡將繼續推出既富啟發性又令人難忘的活動,以凝聚加拿大安大略省的各位校友。如你希望了解即將舉行的其他活動,請聯絡朱起彊先生(MBA 1977)(電郵,或吳樹聲先生(MBA 1971)(電郵。讓我們常聯繫! 

主講嘉賓馬啓新先生(MBA 1990)






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