FMBA Automobile Association Gives Autonomous Driving a Spin

Jun 05, 2018


FMBA Automobile Association members enjoyed taking a spin in the L4-class Apollo on a visit to the Baidu Autonomous Driving Experience Station, at the tech giant’s Beijing headquarters, on 23 May.

Mr. Shang Guobin, Director of Baidu’s Intelligent Driving Group and General Manager of Integrated Management and Cooperation Development, held an in-depth discussion with FMBA Automobile Association members about the outlook for Apollo in the autonomous-driving landscape of the future. Since the announcement in July 2017 of an AI partnership between Baidu and the US chipmaker Nvidia Corp., the internet company’s autonomous-vehicle operating system has been upgraded from version 1.0 to 2.5 and today supports geofenced highways.

Following the test drive, members of the association had fun interacting with some of Baidu’s AI products, including a small robot, smart home technology and a facial recognition payment system. Mr. Bai Songtao (FMBA 2016 intake), Secretary General of the FMBA Students Association, said, “It was fascinating to try out some of Baidu’s AI offerings – I felt like the future had arrived!” He added, “Riding in the self-driving car was also an amazing experience – a little unnerving at first, but definitely something I could get used to.”

The FMBA Automobile Association was established by alumni and students of the MBA Program in Finance (FMBA) with a connection to the automobile industry. Currently numbering more than 150 members, the association is chaired by Mr. Gong Min (FMBA 2006), who is Senior Vice President and Secretary of the Board of Directors for Beiqi Foton Motor Co. as well as Secretary General of the Listed Companies Council of the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers. The FMBA Automobile Association’s Vice Chairman is Mr. Wang Wei (FMBA 2010), who is Chairman and CEO of Credit First, while the Secretary General is Mr. Chu Wenbo (FMBA 2016), who is Associate Director of the China Intelligent and Connected Vehicles Research Institute and holds a PhD from the Department of Automotive Engineering of Tsinghua University. 


Mr. Bai Songtao, Secretary General of the FMBA Students Association, enjoys the driverless experience in an autonomous car


Participants posing for a happy photo to commemorate their inspiring visit include Mr. Bai Songtao (FMBA 2016 intake; 3rd from front left), Secretary General of the FMBA Students Association

Speaker Mr. Shang Guobin (7th from left), Director of Baidu’s Intelligent Driving Group and General Manager of Integrated Management and Cooperation Development, joins the visiting group for a memorable photo





百度智慧駕駛業務群總監、綜合管理及合作發展部總經理尚國斌先生,跟FMBA汽車產業協會會員深入探討Apollo自動駕駛的未來發展前景。自2017年7月百度與美國芯片製造商Nvidia Corp.宣佈人工智能合作計劃以來,該互聯網公司的自動車操作系統已從1.0版升級到2.5版,並已支援限定區域視覺的高速公路。

試乘後,協會會員還即場體驗了其他百度AI產品,包括小型機器人、智能家居技術、人臉識別支付系統等。FMBA北京同學會秘書長白松濤先生(FMBA 2016級)表示:「嘗試百度的AI產品實在太有趣了,感覺已飛越未來!」他補充道:「乘坐無人駕駛汽車也是一個神奇的經歷,初時有點不安,但我絕對會習慣。」

FMBA汽車產業協會由跟汽車行業有關的金融財務工商管理碩士(FMBA)校友及學生一起成立,目前會員人數超過150人。協會會長龔敏先生(FMBA 2006)是北汽福田汽車股份有限公司高級副總裁兼董事會秘書,亦是中國汽車工業協會上市公司委員會秘書長;副會長王煒先生(FMBA 2010)乃建元資本(中國)融資租賃有限公司董事長兼CEO;秘書長褚文博先生(FMBA 2016)為北京國汽智慧網聯汽車研究院副院長,亦是清華汽車系博士。 


參加者愉快合照以紀念這次啟發人心的參訪活動,當中包括FMBA北京同學會秘書長白松濤先生(FMBA 2016級;前排左三)


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