Seminar Series Looks at the Contradictions Creating Challenges in Hong Kong

Apr 02, 2018


Over the years, you may have noticed that economic, political and social contradictions have grown. What is the root of this problem and how can it be solved?

The CUHK BBA Alumni Association co-hosted the Deep Seated Contradictions in Hong Kong Seminar Series in partnership with the Research Centre for Sustainable Hong Kong at the City University of Hong Kong, the organisation Future@HK, and the Business, Economic and Public Policy Research Centre at Hong Kong Shue Yan University. Through this seminar series, distinguished leaders were able to share their insights on the challenges posed by deep seated contradictions and how they relate to Hong Kong’s sustainability.

On 5 March, the guest speaker of the seminar was Mr. Shih Wing Ching, Chairman and CEO of Centaline Group, founder and Chairman of am730 Media Limited and a member of Future@HK. He delivered a talk, titled Poverty in Capitalism and Its Solution: The Butterfly Effect of Primary Distribution. Additionally, CUHK BBA Alumni Association President Mr. Raymond Lo served as a commentator throughout the event. 

Focusing on the problems with capitalism, Mr. Shih explained the modern financial system has caused issues, saying that in capitalist societies, workers can only receive market-driven wages, but not profits, which are the fruits of their labour. The result gives rise to a wealth gap and a dislike of hard work, as it fails to improve an individual’s quality of life. 

The two-hour talk, which included a Q&A session, allowed for an intellectual exchange of ideas with the audience. Mr. Raymond Lo was pleased with the outcome and said he looked forward to more riveting discussions in upcoming seminars. 


Guest speaker Mr. Shih Wing Ching (centre) shares his views on capitalism and primary distribution 

The lecture theatre is filled with a rapt audience


Various people joined Mr. Shih (front row, centre) for dinner, including Prof. Linda Li (left), Professor of Political Science at the Department of Public Policy and Director of the Research Centre for Sustainable Hong Kong, CityU; Prof. Phyllis Mo (right), Professor at the Department of Accountancy, CityU; and (back row, from left) Prof. Lee Shu-kam, Associate Professor at the Department of Economics and Finance and Director of Business, Economic and Public Policy Research Centre, Hong Kong Shue Yan University; Mr. Raymond Lo, President of the CUHK BBA Alumni Association; and Ms. Florence Lai, Director of the Alumni and Corporate Affairs Office, CUHK Business School 






3月5日舉行的研討會由中原集團主席兼總裁、am730創辦人兼主席及未來@香港成員施永青先生主講,講題是「資本主義的貧困及其救治 —— 論首次分配的蝴蝶效應」,並由中大商學院本科生校友會會長盧偉成先生全程擔任評論員。









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