EMBA Info Session and Master Class on “Fed Policy, War and Black Swans”

The Fed’s monetary policy response to the biggest inflation shock in 40 years, has been slow and some would argue, “too little too late”. The combination of COVID-19 – related supply chain disruptions, surging energy prices, and the supply-side shocks arising from the Russo-Ukranian War, have put the Fed on the back foot. The Fed’s former characterization of recent inflation as “transitory” seems way off the mark with inflation surging to 8.5%. While the Fed has increased the Federal Funds Rate to 0.5%, it will need to raise it much higher and much quicker than it had anticipated or desired. What does this mean for the global economy, particularly given the vulnerable sectors such as Emerging Market debt and Chinese Property, that both the World Bank and IMF have highlighted as pressure points? What does it mean for asset markets and will this trigger the next Black Swan event in global financial markets?

Prof. Paul Kitney has over 30 years’ experience in Asia-Pacific central banking, investment banking and as a hedge fund manager. He worked at firms such as Morgan Stanley, Blackrock and recently at Daiwa Capital Markets as Chief Equity Strategist (APAC). His academic research focus is monetary economics and financial frictions, publishing peer-reviewed articles in this field. Prof. Kitney teaches finance courses on money, central banking and finance; and investment courses focusing on derivative/hedge fund strategies and macro investing.

In this session, you will:

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  • Meet our Alumni and Students to find out more about their career growth and transformation through EMBA study
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