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CUHK EMBA (Chinese) Team Triumphs at Gobi Challenge


A team of 22 students and alumni from the CUHK EMBA (Chinese) program, led by Program Director Prof. Jeff Yeung and Associate Director Dr. Chuck He, completed the 12th Xuan Zang Road International Business School Gobi Challenge, held from 22 to 25 May. For their effort and hard work, the team earned the Shackleton Champion Prize.

Around 2,500 contestants from 57 international business schools across mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, France and the United States took part in the four-day endurance challenge, trekking across 112 kilometres in the Gobi Desert. Throughout the competition, they witnessed dramatic landscapes and endured unpredictable conditions, including extreme weather with burning sun, windstorms and a drastic 40-degree temperature difference between day and night. 

Working together with their sights set on success, the CUHK team provided one another with mental and physical support as they turned an impossible mission into a possible one. The challenge was truly a celebration of teamwork and collaboration. 

The award-winning CUHK team included the following individuals: 

School Leader:

Prof. Jeff Yeung, Director of the EMBA (Chinese) Program

Team Leader:

Dr. Chuck He, Associate Director of the EMBA (Chinese) Program


TIAN Xu (2015 intake)  


QU Yuanyuan (2013 intake)

QIAN Bolin (2015 intake)

YUAN Tianbing (2014 intake)

REN Yanfeng (2015 intake)

FU Manqing (2015 intake)

SU Xin (2015 intake)

LI Changxia (2015 intake)

SUN Yuxing (2015 intake)

LI Minbin (2015 intake)

WU Junlian (2015 intake)

LI Nanjing (2015 intake)

YANG Wei (2015 intake)

LI Shujun (2015 intake)

ZHANG Bang (2015 intake)

LI Xin (2015 intake)

ZHANG Limin (2015 intake)

LI Zhipeng (2015 intake)

ZHAO Bin (2015 intake)

LIN Hua (2015 intake)

ZHOU Chuifu (2015 intake)

MO Qi (2015 intake)

ZHU Luzhi (2015 intake)

We offer our heartfelt congratulations to the remarkable team!

We made it! Hurray!

The CUHK team joins hands to win the challenge with their upbeat slogan, “we start together, we finish together”

The high-spirited trekkers make their way across the desert

The award-winning warriors share joy and laughter upon finishing the competition