Support Us

Throughout the past few decades, CUHK Business School is privileged to have a strong alumni community contributing to the growth and development of the School with a strong giving culture. The support we have been receiving not only enables us to continue striving for the best-in-class business education and transformative research locally, regionally, and globally, but also creates lasting value and impact on the CUHK Business School community.

There are many ways to support the CUHK Business School as our alumni:

Donate to the CUHK Business School Development Fund

The CUHK Business School Development Fund was established to support the following areas –

Provide In-kind Support

Your in-kind donations in goods and service forms are incredibly helpful resources for the initiatives and activities organised by students, alumni organisations, and the Business School. They are also strong proof of your support for our effort.

Enrich Students’ Learning Experience

You can choose to become a mentor to give students your advice and guidance as they strive to reach their goals. You can also be a speaker for guest lectures to broaden students’ horizons with your first-hand experiences, or to provide opportunities for cases, projects, and company visits to allow them to have a taste of real-world practices. Be part of students’ learning journey!

Provide Career Advice and Opportunities for Students

Allow them to learn from their outstanding fellow alumni through your tips, and let them experience the power of the proud CUHK Business School alumni network in the business world via career opportunities.

Explore Partnership Opportunities between Your Company and the Business School

Allow our faculty members to be part of your team to generate knowledge that benefits the industry, create original solutions in the market, and drive business innovation through our strong research capabilities.

Update Your Profile

Keep us posted whenever you have any new move in your career or life so that we can stay connected. Your update will also help us constantly improve the engagement experience for you and the alumni community.

Share Your Amazing Experience

Tell people how much you enjoyed and benefited from your studies at the CUHK Business School. Be proud of being part of this amazing alumni community and reflect the strength of the Business School with your impressive credentials and testimonials. Give us your opinion so we can do better to nurture future leaders for the business world and society, and foster a strong, healthy, and proud alumni community.