Fireside Chat – Resilient Business


Strengthening business resilience has never been more important for companies as the business environment is increasingly volatile due to the challenges posed by pandemics, climate change, economic fragility, and societal divisions. Responsible business practices, through mitigating social & environmental risks and safeguarding people, help reduce operational disruption and position companies to capture sustainability opportunities.

In this online seminar, Mrs. Kung, Deputy Chief Executive of the Bank of China (Hong Kong) Limited will discuss how BOCHK maintained business growth in 2020 despite the COVID-19 recession while proactively taking up its social responsibility to support customers, employees, and community, and advancing the development of green finance. She will share valuable insights on how businesses can adapt and support their stakeholders to tackle long-term and short-term environmental and social challenges, and how companies can keep up with changing stakeholder expectations to sustain corporate growth in turbulent times.

BOCHK, ranked second in the 6th Hong Kong Business Sustainability Index, had demonstrated consistent improvement in its CSR performance over the years and achieved the highest score tier.