Participants enjoy cocktails and light refreshments as they network

On the evening of 23 January, an Alumni and Friends Meetup was held at the Hilton Singapore Hotel to connect alumni and faculty members of CUHK Business School. MBA students, on a week-long career trek to the Lion City, were also delighted to participate in the enjoyable get-together. Faculty members in attendance included: Prof. Angela Ng, Associate Dean for Global Engagement and External Relations; Ms. Florence Lai, Director of Alumni and Corporate Affairs; Ms. Phebe Loo, Director of Marketing and Communications; and Ms. Mabel Sieh, Managing Editor of China Business Knowledge.

A valuable opportunity for networking and learning, the event had the theme “Understanding China’s Business Institutions and Government”, and was attended by two distinguished accountancy professors who had flown in from the Hong Kong campus. Prof. Gu Zhaoyang, Director of the School of Accountancy, presented research entitled “Why Stock Recommendations of Analysts in China Are Distorted: The Role of Fund Managers”, while Prof. Zhang Tianyu, Professor of the School of Accountancy, presented research entitled “Understanding China’s Institutions Through Text – Information from Top and Bottom”. 

Prof. Gu discussed how institutional investors can play a role in analysts’ biased behaviours. His study provides evidence of mutual fund managers unduly influencing financial analysts in recommending favourably the stocks that their funds have invested in through the allocation of commissions and personal connections. The investigation of Prof. Zhang, meanwhile, focused on the role of the media in China’s emerging economy. His research shows how media reforms have shaped the industry, and highlights the differences in information delivered by official and non-official newspapers. He also shared examples of how competitions among politicians can influence the movement in stock prices. The audience gained insights from both inspiring talks, and responded with thought-provoking questions during the Q&A session. The event concluded with a networking session over cocktails and light refreshments.

The meetup provided a splendid opportunity to connect with alumni in Singapore, who form a crucial component of the CUHK Business School alumni community. Looking ahead, we will continue to collaborate with alumni around the world in building on the strength of our extensive alumni network. 

We look forward to seeing you at future alumni events!   

Prof. Gu Zhaoyang, Director of the School of Accountancy, speaks about the issue of fund managers unduly influencing China analysts’ stock recommendations

Prof. Zhang Tianyu, Professor of the School of Accountancy, shares insights on the subject of China’s institutions and the media

Alumni in Singapore gather for a wonderful group photo

Ms. Marie Courtois (1st from left), Director of the Career Management Centre, Graduate Programmes, and Ms. Florence Lai (2nd from left), Director of Alumni and Corporate Affairs, pose for a cheerful photo with attendees

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