Alumni and students have a great time at the cocktail reception with SHTM Director Prof. David Chan (6th from right)

On 26 April, the School of Hotel and Tourism Management (SHTM) held an alumni gathering at the CUHK Business School Town Centre as part of its 20th Anniversary celebrations. Among those who took part were SHTM Director Prof. David Chan, and SHTM teachers Prof. Lisa Wan, Dr. Veronica Lin, Dr. Cynthia Hou, Dr. Jenny Tian and Ms. Gentiana Cheung. Also in attendance was Alumni and Corporate Affairs Director Ms. Florence Lai, and more than 60 alumni, students and colleagues.  

The event began with a cocktail reception so that teachers, alumni and current students could mingle with one another. It was a great opportunity for graduates to catch up with teachers who inspired them while enjoying a range of drinks and canapés, all in a warm, casual setting.  

The highlight was a storytelling session, which kicked off with an enlightening opening speech from Prof. Lee Kam-hon, an Emeritus Professor and the former director of the SHTM. Prof. Lee pointed out that problems are always present in day-to-day operations and management, but that the most important thing for industry practitioners to do is to find solutions to these problems – and not just from theories in books. Business professionals should keep practising and learning so that their knowledge grows and they make smarter decisions. 

Following these remarks, four distinguished alumni shared their different entrepreneurial stories. The speakers were business founders from various industries: Rocky Kam (graduate of 2003) of Coffee Mountain; Ivan Chang (graduate of 2012) of Glass Formula; Crystal Hung (graduate of 2005) of Chocolat-ier; and Lucas Leung (graduate of 2013) of TraVR. Each speaker talked about their vision, business model, challenges faced and opportunities encountered on their entrepreneurial journey. Although the respective business areas differed, being coffee, cocktails, chocolates and virtual reality, what all speakers had in common was their strong will to build their own business with success.  

Prof. David Chan said, “These real-life examples are an inspiration to fellow alumni and current students.  Each speaker has truly showcased the learning process that entrepreneurs undergo when it comes to handling problems with their practical skills and knowledge.” Ms. Florence Lai added, “It’s really has been an enjoyable evening celebrating SHTM’s proud history. The Alumni and Corporate Affairs Office will continue to engage with our alumni and graduates-to-be with the vision of building a strong and close-knit alumni family.” 

(From top left clockwise) Four distinguished alumni share their different entrepreneurial stories: Rocky Kam of Coffee Mountain, Ivan Chang of Glass Formula, Lucas Leung of TraVR, and Crystal Hung of Chocolat-ier

Alumni and students have a great time at the cocktail reception with friends old and new

A wonderful group photo marks a new milestone of SHTM’s proud 20-year history

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