Ontario Alumni Network: Afternoon Tea, Insights and Making Connections

Regular get-togethers provide a casual networking platform for alumni in Toronto and their families

On Saturday, 21 September, the Ontario Alumni Network organised an afternoon tea gathering at the Tasty BBQ Seafood Restaurant in Toronto. The event brought together over 50 Canada-based alumni and friends, most of who were graduates of the CUHK Business School and the Department of Economics.

The highlight of the gathering is a sharing session about the economy of the real estate market. Property is an area of concern across the world and is a key issue in the upcoming Canadian federal election in October. The two speakers were Mr. Steve Ng (Economics 1969 & MBA 1971), Vice President of the Ontario Chinese Real Estate Professional Association, and Mr. Maurice Kwok (MBA 1988), a broker from the Sherwood Mortgage Group.

Mr. Steve Ng is a real estate professional with over 30 years of experience. He examined the outlook for Toronto’s real estate market for autumn 2019 and stated that the Liberal government’s use of administrative measures, such as stress tests to curb demand in order to control overheated market channels, are not effective solutions to the problem of high housing prices and shortage of supply. In the medium to long term, it is necessary to improve the efficiency of approval, speed up the supply of land and allow developers to build more houses to alleviate high demand.

Mr. Maurice Kwok is a mortgage specialist in Toronto. He provided some personal insights about how to maximise a property’s potential value, ensuring retirement is more enjoyable. He discussed reverse mortgage financing, saying that a reverse mortgage could be a good choice for people who intend to retire, or who have already retired but don’t want to lower their living standards or space while enjoying complete retirement.

The audience responded with a range of questions and afterwards gave a hearty round of applause, which added to the warm atmosphere.

The core of the Ontario Alumni Network are graduates of the CUHK Business School and the Department of Economics. Since its inception in June 2014, the Network has organised a range of inspiring events in the hope of uniting the power of Ontario alumni to make contributions to their alma mater, their personal career development and local communities in Canada.

Mr. Steve Ng talks about the real estate market in Toronto

Mr. Maurice Kwok discusses reverse mortgage financing

Our thanks to Ontario Alumni Network for organising this memorable gathering. A happy photo features the core members and founders of the Network (from left): Philip Chu, Carmen Chan, Steve Ng, Jimmy Ma, Harold Tang, Stephen Kwan and Michael Lee

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