BBA Alumni Association elected Committee Members for 2020-2021 session

The BBA Alumni Association of CUHK organised the annual general meeting (2020) on 24th May. The chairman Mr. Raymond Lo has reported the works of association over the year, such as mentorship programme and series of seminars. Raymond is re-elected as the chairman. The association will continue to be the platform connecting the school, alumni, students, business sector and the society.

The committee list as follow:

Chairman   Raymond Lo (BBA in International Business; Msc in Global Business)
Vice Chairman (Event)   Dicky Tse (BBA in Intergrated BBA)
Vice Chairman (Membership)   Angela Fung (BSc in Quantitative Finance)
Vice Chairman (Greater China)   Kathy Leung (BBA in Intergrated BBA)
Vice Chairman (Communication)   Rebecca Lao (BBA in Intergrated BBA)
Secretary   Kathy Leung (BBA in Intergrated BBA)
Treasurer   Lynes Lam (BBA in Business Administration)
Event Team   Dicky Tse (BBA in Intergrated BBA)
  Alex Chow (BSc in Quantitative Finance)
  Kathy Leung (BBA in Intergrated BBA)
Membership Team   Angela Fung (BSc in Quantitative Finance)
  Andy Pang (BSc in Quantitative Finance)
  Benson Tang (BSc in Quantitative Finance)
  Vincci Mak (BBA in Professional Accountancy)
Greater China Team   Kathy Leung (BBA in Intergrated BBA)
  Rex Chan (BBA in Intergrated BBA)
Communication Team   Rebecca Lao (BBA in Intergrated BBA)
  Rocky Kam (BBA in Hotel & Tourism Management)
  Vincci Mak (BBA in Professional Accountancy)
  Watson Chan (BBA in General Business Management)
Advisors   Prof. Chan Chi Fai Andrew (BBA in Marketing; Doctor of Philosophy)
  Prof. Hui King Man, Michael (BBA in Marketing)
  Prof. Law Japhet Sebastian