From Design Thinking to Agile Product Development

This programme aims to prepare participants to become more agile and adaptive to the challenges, taking advantages of management tools such as Design Thinking and CRISP-DM for transforming business enterprise into responsive engine. The participants will acquire hands-on experience in going through a Design Thinking process: from empathizing the user experience to defining users’ needs, generating alternative ideas to building and testing prototypes, finally arriving at a feasible solution ready for implementation. The uniqueness of this programme is that it goes beyond Design Thinking to incorporate Agile Product Development into the picture. When the two approaches are used together, the result will be more promising. The former focuses on a deep dive into the user experience to identify the right problems to address, whereas the latter focuses on generating quantifiable measures to help prioritize allocation of resources for implementation.

Key benefits:

  • Complimentary 2-week access to one of the selected Self-Paced Programmes for Executives
  • Certificate of Attendance will be awarded to the participant upon completion of the programme
  • Special offer on Self-Paced Programmes for Executives subscription