Glocalization Series: The “Global Yijing” Lecture Series (VI) Global Travel of the Yijing

The “Global Yijing” lecture series situate the Yijing studies in the broad context of the global circulation of texts and ideas. We are honoured to have Professor Dennis K. H. Cheng, Professor Tze-ki Hon and Professor John T. P. Lai and Professor Benjamin NG Wai-ming to be our speakers for the series.

Among the six lectures in stage one of the “Global Yijing” lecture series, this concluding lecture will be co-delivered by the four professors to introduce their observation of the footprints of the dissemination of Yijing in its global travel. Professor Dennis Cheng will introduce the Chinese linguistic features as well as non-linguistic elements of Yijing and the enlightening philosophy of “changes” which supports Yijing to become a global classic. It inspires people across the east and west to enable cultural dialogues and intellectual exchanges. Professor Tze-ki Hon and Professor John Lai will summarize their study on the reception of Yijing in Europe and North America, and further share their project on studying The Man in the High Castle. Professor Benjamin Ng will announce his upcoming monograph on the Yijing interpretations by the Chinese non-Han minorities to illustrate new phases on the study of Yijing and the cultural multiplicity. The global travel of Yijing enables its synchronicity with various cultures, religions, literatures in various regions. Its global footprints will finally inspire Yijing scholars in East Asia to respond to new insights derived from global views.