On 1 March 2019, more than 30 alumni and faculty members celebrated the Year of the Pig together in Taipei. The Alumni Cocktail Reception was held at The Sherwood Taipei and hosted by the admissions team of CUHK Business School’s Undergraduate Office, led by Prof. Andy Wong, Associate Dean (Undergraduate Studies) and Ms. Elaine Tam, Administrative Director of the Undergraduate Office.

Prof. Wong, who welcomed the attendees with a heartwarming speech, said, “This was the first time we’ve hosted a cocktail reception in Taipei around Chinese New Year. We are grateful to our Taiwan alumni for their continuing support, which has made our trip very valuable.”

Also attending was Dr. Wei Jung-Tsung, President of the School’s Taiwan Alumni Association, who said, “On behalf of the Taiwan Alumni Association, I would like to thank our fellow alumni for forging stronger connections with the business community in Taiwan over the past years. I am glad to see that our ties are getting more close-knit as times goes by.”

CUHK Business School is proud that our alumni network in Taiwan is united, with an impressive team spirit. We look forward to meeting more alumni at the next event in Taiwan.

Alumni enjoy the welcome remarks made by Prof. Andy Wong (1st from left, upper photo), Associate Dean (Undergraduate Studies), CUHK Business School

The cocktail reception is a great opportunity for the Business School to build closer relationships with alumni in Taiwan

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