An illuminating session at the Jockey Club Museum of Climate Change opened participants’ eyes to global environmental issues

Thirty high-school students from the CUHK FAA Thomas Cheung Secondary School gathered in the weekend of 4 May for a rewarding tour of CUHK. The event was organised by the MBA Alumni Association, with the support of the CUHK Business School’s Alumni and Corporate Affairs Office and the university’s Communications and Public Relations Office. 

Leading the day’s packed itinerary were 10 MBA alumni, who introduced the group to the university’s beautiful campus and such important buildings as the Jockey Club Museum of Climate Change, the Art Museum and the Library Gallery. Students were enchanted by the campus’s green spaces and state-of-the art facilities, with many of them sharing a desire to embark on their own learning journey at CUHK in the near future.

There followed a delicious lunch at Chung Chi College Staff Club. Mr. Ng Tak Kay, principal of the secondary school, expressed his gratitude on behalf of the students for the educational and worthwhile tour. The highlight of the day was an inspiring workshop led by Mr. Aleck Kwong, a Business School alumnus and registered arts (expressive arts) therapist. Through game-based learning, the workshop aimed to instil hope and positivity, and assist participants in developing their self-knowledge.

“I wish to express my heartfelt appreciation to everyone who helped organise this meaningful event,” remarked Mr. Armstrong Lee, President of the MBA Alumni Association. “Youngsters are the pillars of our society. We hope that today’s enjoyable excursions will inspire these students to pursue their dreams along a shining path through university in the years to come.”   

Students and alumni volunteers learned about the fascinating history of CUHK during a visit to the Library Gallery

The students gained fresh insights and self-knowledge through expressive artistic games

Ms. Florence Lai (centre), Director of the Alumni and Corporate Affairs Office, presents a souvenir to Mr. Ng Tak Kay (2nd from left), principal of the CUHK FAA Thomas Cheung Secondary School. Also pictured are Mr. Armstrong Lee (far left), President of the MBA Alumni Association; Ms. Lavender Cheung (2nd from right), Director of the CUHK Communications and Public Relations Office; and Mr. Peter Yeung (far right), Vice President (Charity) of the MBA Alumni Association

A wonderful group photo to mark a beautiful day

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