Trainer Mr. Ron Lee, Vice President (Recreation) of the MBA Alumni Association and Deputy Chairman of the Hong Kong Elite Athletes Association

People in Hong Kong people are all busy bees. But it’s important we take regular exercise to maintain good health, both at work and in life in general. Finding the right work-life balance is essential for a healthy body and mind, especially while striving for professional development. 

The MBA Alumni Association cares about the health of its alumni. Therefore, on the morning of 11 May, an hour-and-a-half stretching workshop was organised. The training session was held at CUHK Business School Town Centre, and the relaxed atmosphere allowed health-conscious alumni and business professionals to learn simple and practical stretching exercises from trainer Mr. Ron Lee (EMBA 2017), Vice President (Recreation) of the MBA Alumni Association. 

Mr. Lee is Deputy Chairman of the Hong Kong Elite Athletes Association, and represented Hong Kong in fencing at the 1988 and 1992 Olympics. During the workshop, Mr. Lee briefed everyone on the basic principles of stretching to build muscular strength, and demonstrated how to perform comfortable stretches in an office environment, even if the area is small, without the risk of intruding in others’ space. He said, “When performed properly, stretching can provide significant functional benefits and improvements to overall health and well-being, including enhanced joint movements, reduced potential for injury, and an overall increase in fitness. The great thing is that you can do it any time.”

Everyone enjoyed the stretching class and all were happy to learn something useful that could be put into practice in daily life. Mr. Armstrong Lee, President of the MBA Alumni Association, appreciated Mr. Lee’s efforts in conducting a meaningful event for alumni, which was both healthy and fun. “We will continue to organise different events to suit the dynamic needs of our business alumni,” he said.  

Mr. Ron Lee shows alumni how to stretch

Participants are attentive to instructions in the workshop and enjoy the opportunity to take stretching exercises

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