A Challenge of Persistence and Collaboration in Nature

The 11-strong CUHK MBA team pose for a memorable photo embraced by the nature

The 4th Asia-Pacific Business Schools Xinjiang Challenge was held from 6 to 9 June in Changji Hui Prefecture in Xinjiang. Since its debut in 2016, this was the first time more than 1,000 participants joined the challenge. The participants came from 74 business schools across Asia Pacific to form 65 teams.

Known as “the most scenic of all business school events”, the challenge takes participants on a journey to discover the beautiful scenery and exotic culture of Xinjiang. Being located on the ancient Silk Road connecting the East and the West, the area is one of considerable political, economic, military and cultural significance.

The challenge involves a 38-kilometre trek across diverse landscapes and altitudes, passing through grasslands, flower fields, the Gobi Desert, alpine glaciers, forests and gorges. The 11-strong CUHK MBA team tackled it head on. They were impressed with the collaborative spirit of the challenge, as teams worked together to solve problems – a harmony reflected in the nature around them. Our MBA athletes also enjoyed the unforgettable experience of hiking the winding forest path of Sol Basto, known as the last pure land in Xinjiang, and the famous Tianshan Tianchi scenic route. They were amazed at the vast variety of traditional Xinjiang cuisine on offer at various check points, provided by local suppliers: dried figs, raisins, cucumbers, watermelons, cantaloupes, Xinjiang yoghurt and hand-picked rice. They were even cheered on by local musicians who came out to play live along the route.

With much persistence and team spirit, every team member finished the challenge and was presented a medal to commemorate their special adventure. To conclude, participants were treated to a large-scale live performance at Xinjiang Grand Theatre, telling the story of Xinjiang’s beautiful cultural history, which was met with rapturous applause.

Joey Chen, the CUHK MBA team leader, said, “This event is not only about athletics, it is about humanity. I learned an enormous amount from this adventure, and it is something I will treasure for a lifetime.” 

The CUHK MBA team comprised full-time and part-time MBA graduates and students, including: 

•    Team Leader: Joey CHEN (part time, 2016 intake)     
•    Deputy Team Leader: Gary CHEUNG (part time, 2016 intake)  

•    Clara AU (part time, 2016 intake)
•    Dickson CHAN (part time, 2016 intake)
•    Joyce CHAN (part time, 2016 intake)
•    Queenie CHAN (2016 part-time student)
•    Eddy CHEUNG (part time, 2016 intake)
•    Lili HUANG (2017 full-time student)
•    Ellen LIM (part time, 2016 intake)
•    Amber PAN (part time, 2016 intake)
•    Peggy SHUM (2016 part-time student)

A big congratulations to our CUHK MBA team!  

We all made it! Happy participants show their well-deserved medals, awarded for their hard work and team spirit

We are the best! Hurrah!

Hiking beautiful paths surrounded by mountains and flowers

The Xinjiang adventure is a unique collaborative experience, set in the breath-taking scenery of Tianchi

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