An Indelible Celebration for the Graduating Class 18th of EMPAcc

Mr. Cai Rongming, Assistant General Manager of JYAH Asset Management Co. Ltd and head student of EMPAcc Class 18th, delivers a touching valedictory

On 24 August, a memorable graduation ceremony was held for the Class 18th of the Executive Master of Professional Accountancy Programme (EMPAcc) at the International Conference Center of Shanghai National Accounting Institute (SNAI). The ceremony marked a milestone for the 69 graduates – an opportunity to celebrate their achievements and look to the future together. 

Several key members of the CUHK and SNAI community attended the ceremony, including Prof. Li Kouqing, President of SNAI; Prof. Kalok Chan, Dean of CUHK Business School; Prof. Lee Ching Chyi, Associate Dean of CUHK Business School; Prof. Gu Zhaoyang, Director of the CUHK School of Accountancy; Prof. Yang Yong, Director of EMPAcc Programme of CUHK; Prof. Lu Wenbin, the Vice-President of SNAI; Ms. Tian Bei, Assistant Supervisor of the Department of Cooperation Programmes of SNAI; and Ms. Cherry Tai, EMPAcc Programme Coordinator of CUHK. 

During his speech, President Prof. Li Kouqing expressed his confidence in the EMPAcc Class 18th graduates’ ability to succeed in future. He said the two years of study have prepared the graduates to shine in today’s complex world, and their task is to understand the struggles of society and to do what they can to help the world. He urged the graduates to live up to the expectations of their alma mater and continue on with a strong sense of social responsibility. 

Dean Prof. Kalok Chan congratulated the graduates, reminding them that learning never ends. “The end is never an end. It’s always the beginning of something.” He hoped that each graduate would stay hungry for knowledge and that the EMPAcc programme continues to thrive. 

The graduates then went up on stage to shake hands with President Prof. Li and Dean Prof. Chan and have their tassels turned. As valedictorian, Mr. Cai Rongming, Assistant General Manager of JYAH Asset Management Co. Ltd, shared his fondest memories from the past two years. He affirmed that during the programme, he had not only expanded his knowledge and widened his horizons, he had also gained a new understanding of integrity. He encouraged his peers to lead by example and live the programme’s motto: “Never commit accounting fraud” every day.  

Before the end of the ceremony, CUHK and SNAI awarded three graduates with distinctions, recognising their outstanding performance, and encouraging all students to continue excelling in work and in life.  

To all the EMPAcc Class 18th graduates, we are sad to see you go, but we look forward to hearing about your future successes. We wish you well in all your endeavours!  

A valuable group photo marks a memorable milestone for all

President Prof. Li Kouqing (far left) and Dean Prof. Kalok Chan (far right) join for a photo with the three best performing graduates: (from left) Ms. Zhao Pei, Deputy Director of Finance of CEFC China Energy Company Limited; Mr. He Xuchun, Partner of BDO International (China) Ltd; and Mr. Yang Ming, Vice-President & Chief Financial Officer of Nanjing Fire Protection Technology Co. Ltd 

The EMPAcc Class 18th graduation ceremony was held at the International Conference Center of Shanghai National Accounting Institute

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