Graduates take a memorable photo together after they were presented their degrees by Prof. Waiman Cheung (far left), Acting Dean of the Faculty of Business Administration

On the sunny Saturday morning of 9 November, the University Mall was packed with over 1,200 guests, as well as 600 postgraduate students from the Faculty of Business Administration who were gathered for the Master’s Degree Graduation Ceremony (2018-19).

To mark this significant event, Provost Prof. Benjamin Wah opened the ceremony with a congratulatory speech, then Guest of Honour Mr. Zhang Jijing, Former Chairman of CITIC Pacific Ltd., stood up to share his wisdom with the graduates. He talked about the ups and downs of his career and the lessons he learnt along the way. He also shared his journey with CITIC Pacific Ltd., and how the pioneering company reinvented itself in tandem with China’s modernisation over the years to become one of the largest, most dynamic conglomerates in China with over 200,000 employees worldwide.

“How can you shape your future?” he asked the graduates, reminding them that success always comes down to plain old hard work and perseverance. “Whatever you end up doing, your success will be determined by your ability to press on with determination and overcome obstacles. The best philosophy is one of steady improvement, step by step, month by month, year by year, towards a vision of where you want to go.” He continued, “The key is to find your own niche and create a space for that. I did this by recognising opportunities, taking on challenges, working hard and making progress one step at a time.”

In closing, he gave the following advice: 

  • Never be afraid to ask questions. If you don’t understand something, there’s a good chance others don’t either.
  • Don’t be afraid of making mistakes. Mistakes are inevitable, particularly when you are young. Don’t stress about them – learn from them! The reality is that the closer you get to the top, the less tolerance there is for learning on the job. So make your mistakes now.
  • No matter what path your life takes, be bold, creative and industrious.
  • And remember the words of ancient Roman philosopher Seneca: “Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.”

After that, the graduates lined up to receive their degrees onstage, which were presented by Prof. Waiman Cheung, Acting Dean of the Faculty of Business Administration; Prof. David Chan, Director of the School of Hotel and Tourism Management; and Prof. Joseph Cheng, Chairman of the Department of Finance. The audience was moved by the excitement of graduates and showered them with thunderous applause, while taking photos to remember this milestone moment.

To close the ceremony, Mr. Marshall Jen, a graduate representative (part-time MBA), spoke about his experience moving from Vancouver to Hong Kong and the fascinating discoveries he made about the different Eastern cultures. He encouraged his fellow graduates to develop a global mindset and appreciate the values of the East and the West. He believes that future business leaders must be able to connect both worlds, embrace differing opinions and learn to work together across boundaries. He ended with, “Once you have determined your goal, you must stay committed and never give up.”

The Alumni and Corporate Affairs Office would like to congratulate the graduates for their achievements and wish them all the best in their next stage of life. We look forward to their support in making our alumni community bigger and stronger.

Mr. Zhang Jijing, Former Chairman of CITIC Pacific Ltd, enlightens the audience with his thought-provoking speech

Provost Prof. Benjamin Wah (right) presents a souvenir to Guest of Honour Mr. Zhang Jijing

Graduates pose for a happy photo with Prof. David Chan (far left), Director of the School of Hotel and Tourism Management, after being presented with their degrees

Mr. Marshall Jen from the part-time MBA Programme speaks to fellow graduates with passion and inspiration

Graduates share unforgettable moments at the Master’s Degree Graduation Ceremony

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