Thank you for your support.  The two-round quizzes have received great responses.  Here are the winners of each round:

Winners of the 2nd Round Quiz (held from 5 to 30 November 2019)

Wai Lun LEUNG, Sam (MBA Program, Weekend Mode)
Yusuke HORIO  (MBA Program, Two-Year/Full-time)
Sze Yan PANG (BBA in Professional Accountancy)
Pui Shan KWAN (MBA Program, Evening Mode)
Tin Chak LEE, Daniel (BBA in Professional Accountancy)
Yingyi ZHU, Judy (MSc in ITM )

Winners of the 1st Round Quiz (held from 4 to 30 October 2019) 

Haining FENG (BBA - Integrated BBA)
Hok Hung YAU (Master of Accountancy)
Steven PRASASTA (BBA - Integrated BBA)

Congratulations to all winners!  You will be advised of the details for prize collection by separate email.

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