MBA Alumni Share their Industry Experience and Expertise with Students

Last month (June), the CUHK MBA Programme hosted a series of events including MBA Elite Mentorship Dinner and multiple MBA Executive Dinners, connecting students with various alumni and business executives based on their areas of interest and professional development. Alumni from industries such as fintech, management consulting, retail, logistics, start-up and entrepreneurship all took the opportunity to share with MBA students their personal experience and essential skillsets that helped them thrive in various sectors. These events helped to expand the MBA alumni network for students, while also increasing potential opportunities for work and business partnerships.

MBA Elite Mentorship Dinner
During the MBA Elite Mentorship Programme, students had the chance to get paired up with alumni from investment, accounting, technology, shipping and logistics backgrounds, learning from their mentees about career development in various industries. Over the years, CUHK MBA has nurtured numerous entrepreneurs, and during the events shared about their trials and tribulations of establishing their own businesses.

MBA Executive Dinner
During each MBA Executive Dinner, students would get to hear from alumni in fintech, retail, management consulting and other industries, who shared about real-life work experiences and their professional expertise.