BBA Alumni Association: Fintech Series

During the century, we have observed and experienced a lot of changes in technology. In recent years, the concept of Fintech is evolving. It is not only a topic to discuss, but happens in our daily life.At the same time, Metaverse has become an emerging hot topic in technology. Metaverse means a future iteration of the internet, made up of persistent, shared, 3D virtual spaces linked into a perceived virtual universe. If Metaverse is a “world”, there would be a unique economic and financial system. Who would become the “Central Bank” of Metaverse? What would be the currency to use? How shall different Metaverses connect to each other?

Technology is ever-changing, so is Metaverse. All the above questions are opened-ended at this stage. Yet it is time for us to understand and explore more about it.

The BBA Alumni Association of CUHK is honored to cooperate with Hong Kong Internet Finance Association(HKIFA) and invite the President of HKIFA, Mr. Paul Li, to speak about the disruptive technologies of Metaverse.

Mr. Paul Li is the President of HKIFA which was founded in 2014 aimed to provide a platform for industry players in HK to interact with their mainland counterparts and to promote the collaboration of FinTech and traditional finance industry. He is now the general manager of Banking Circle China, providing a total solution of financial infrastructure on cross-border payment to payment institutions and banks. Being an experienced banker, Paul has worked in Alibaba group as senior fintech expert managing fintech initiatives for SMEs. Before that, he had worked in various roles in multinational banks including HSBC, Standard Chartered and BNP Paribas in various cities in China to build corporate banking franchises. Paul is an advisor of Our Hong Kong Foundation, a research fellow of Zhejiang University Academy of Internet Finance and part-time lecturer of HKU SPACE.

With his profession and experience, Mr. Li will share his insights on the Metaverse. Don’t miss the chance to understand more about the disruptive technology!