BBA Alumni Association: The ‘Global Yijing’ Lecture Series IX

The Philosophy of Yijing and Jungian Analytical Psychology

The “Global Yijing” lecture series situate the Yijing studies in the broad context of the global circulation of texts and ideas. We are honoured to have Professor Bang In and Professor Masami Tateno to be our guest speaker in September and October.

In the upcoming “Global Yijing” lecture in November, the co-organisers, The BBA Alumni Association of The Chinese University of Hong Kong, and the Department of Literature and Cultural Studies of The Education University of Hong Kong, are happy to have invited Professor Zhang Wenzhi as our speaker. Professor Zhang is the Professor and Deputy Director of the Center for Zhouyi & Ancient Chinese Philosophy of Shandong University. He is also an editor of the academic journal of the Zhouyi Studies. Focusing on the studies of image-numerology of the Yijing, he was selected and invited to be a visiting scholar at Harvard-Yenching Institute and visiting fellow in Erlangen-Nuremberg University, Germany. He is the author of four books related to the study of Yijing and translator of Professor Liu Dajun’s book An Introduction to the Zhouyi (Book of Changes), he has published over 20 refereed journal articles. As an expert at Jungian analytical psychology, he was invited and appointed as a part-time Professor of Applied Psychology by City University of Macau in 2018.

The Yijing occupies a very significant position in Carl Gustav Jung’s mind, which was closely related to Richard Wilhelm’s active recommendation and introduction of the Yijing wisdom. Inspired by the Yijing, Jung set forth the “principle of synchronicity”, by which scholars tend to discuss the relationship between Yijing and Jungian psychology. Professor Zhang will share his study of the two disciplines and give us a comprehensive and in-depth understanding to further contribute to the exchange of Eastern and Western cultures. Don’t miss the chance to learn Yijing from a meaningful perspective.

Professor Dennis Cheng will be our honourable moderator of this lecture.