BBA Alumni Association: The ‘Global Yijing’ Lecture Series VIII

The “Global Yijing” lecture series situate the Yijing studies in the broad context of the global circulation of texts and ideas. We are honoured to have Professor Bang In, Professor Emeritus of Philosophy of Kyungpook National University, to speak on Influence of Joachim Bouvet’s Geometrical interpretation on the Zhouyi Zhezhong in relation to Triangles of Pythagoras and Pascal in September.

In the upcoming “Global Yijing” lecture series in October, Professor Masami Tateno will be our speaker. Professor Tateno is now visiting scholar of College of Art in Nihon Daigaku. He obtained his PhD in Chinese Studies in Nihon Daigaku(日本大學)and medical studies in Juntendo University(順天堂大學).

With his in-depth knowledge in Yijing and medical studies, Professor Masami Tateno will share his findings on the relationship between Yijing and Medicine:From the Viewpoint of the Philosophy of Medicine. Don’t miss the chance to learn Yijing from a meaningful perspective.

Professor Dennis Cheng will be our honourable moderator of this lecture.

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, the arrangement of the seminar may change. We would update the latest arrangement as soon as possible.