BBA Alumni Association: The ‘Global Yijing’ Lecture Series XI

The Diagrammatology of the Yijing; the Peircean Semiotic approach to the Zhen hexagram(震卦)

The “Global Yijing” lecture series situate the Yijing studies in the broad context of the global circulation of texts and ideas. We are honoured to have Professor Bang In, Professor Masami Tateno, Professor Zhang Wenzhi and Professor Ng On-cho to be our guest speaker in the past few months.

In the upcoming “Global Yijing” lecture in January 2022, the co-organizers, The BBA Alumni Association of The Chinese University of Hong Kong, and the Department of Literature and Cultural Studies of The Education University of Hong Kong, are delighted to have invited Professor Park Yeoun Gyu(朴淵圭) as our speaker.

Professor Park is a Professor of Liberal Arts and a chair of Counseling Psychology Department at the Kyonggi University(京畿大學校) in Korea. He is the Vice President of the Yijing Society in Korea(韓國周易學會) as well as the Vice President of the East-West Society in Korea(韓國東西哲學會). Since he has earned PhD in the Philosophy Department of the Hawai’i University, he has published articles in multiple themes of Confucianism, hermeneutics, and Peircean semiotics. Recently he publishes a book entitled The Semiotics of the Yijing: The Peircean Approach to the Representation and Relation of the Yijing Hexagram (Korean). He is also interested in Confucian meditation and Yungian psycho-therapy. A new book The Yijing Meditation is due for publication later this year.

The term “diagram” commonly used has a general and specific meaning: visual information device. To understand the semiotic feature of the Yijing hexagram, we need to know the significance of a diagram, and especially Peirce’s diagram in relation to the Yijing hexagram, examining the inner and outer similarity. The diagram is an icon. In the taxonomy of signs for Peirce, the diagram forms the second subcategory among the three types of hypo-icons – images, diagrams, and metaphors, respectively. Being an icon, the diagram is characterized by its similarity to its object.

In the talk, Professor Park will share his study on the iconic feature of the Yijing hexagram, giving an example of the Zhen hexagram(震卦), then suggest the philosophical characteristic of representation and relation of the Yijing.

Professor Dennis K. H. Cheng, Chair Professor of Cultural History of the Department of Literature and Cultural Studies, The Education University of Hong Kong, will be our honourable moderator of this lecture.

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, the arrangement of the seminar may change. We would update the latest arrangement as soon as possible.