MBA Virtual Coffee Meetup

In search of a career accelerator? An MBA is what you need. CUHK MBA as a Global Top 50 MBA* will give you all the cutting-edge skills and knowledge you need to meet your personal and career goals.

Schedule a face-to-face coffee meetup with our admissions officer in Hong Kong now and learn more about:

✓ How our innovative curriculum equips you with an entrepreneurial mindset and essential management & leadership skills for the digital age

✓ What you can benefit from an extensive alumni network across industries and geography

✓ Unique advanced study options including JD/MBA, MBA Plus MSc/MAcc and Dual MBA Degree Programmes

✓ International exchange programmes for a global exposure

We will take an in-depth look at your profile and discuss your queries, and share an overview of our application process, scholarships, and career & entrepreneurial resources.

* Financial Times Global MBA Ranking 2021