Platform Revolution & Breakthrough Program

The next generation of Fortune 500 companies in the decade of 2020 will be mostly platform-based business. Platforms, a near-monopolistic business model, are quietly taking over the global economy. Traditional product manufacturers, brands and intermediaries (or “the middleman”) in all major industries are being seriously disrupted by these platforms. Their competitiveness and even survival are highly questionable if they don’t act now in the right way. Platform owner is on the driver seat while the rest are just the passengers with not much bargaining power on their pockets. To stay competitive and relevant in the Age of Platform, business leader or professional must have a passion to learn and mindset to change. Enroll in this programme to learn about where your company fits best within a platform ecosystem and formulate a winning strategy for your companies.

Faculty: Prof. Toa CHARM, Associate Professor of Practice in Management, CUHK Business School
Medium of Instruction: English / Cantonese
Programme Fee: HK$16,500
Alumni rate: 15% discount on the programme fee (CUHK/CUSCS/APIB Alumni)

Key benefits:

*The programme has been included in the list of registered public courses under the RTTP training grant (reimbursement of two-thirds of programme fee for each eligible participant)