Alumni Association Series: OneMBA and EMBA Chinese

OneMBA CUHK Alumni Association Asia

Founded in 2014, the OneMBA CUHK Alumni Association Asia (OneMBA Alumni Association) is currently chaired by Daisy Lam (OneMBA 2007), who has been involved in the association since its establishment, with a mission to build closer ties among the programme’s global alumni community and support her alma mater.


Dialogue with the President

Daisy Lam (OneMBA 2007)


Q1. What is your current job? Please briefly describe your professional work scope or responsibilities.

I am the CEO of V Innovation Limited, a trading, global sourcing and business consulting company I founded. I oversee business operations, product sourcing, stakeholder management and the overall strategic direction. I am also managing Vision Education Group Limited and assume teaching and other business management and consultancy duties. Business-aside, I am a mediation assessor specialised in strategic negotiation and conflict resolution. I am also an assessor of Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) in retail industry, a fellow certified risk planner and a crisis consultant.

Q2. When did you become the President of the OneMBA Alumni Association and what is your vision for it in the wider alumni community?

I have been the Vice-President of the association since 2014 and became the President this year. My vision is to forge a lifelong and mutually beneficial partnership for the alumni with the CUHK Business School, promote the CUHK spirit and advocate for lifelong learning, strengthen the connection among our global alumni network via continuous engagement and call for community contribution. Besides organising networking activities, the association also plays a role in helping alumni with their business and professional development.

Q3. What kind of activities/ engagement does the Alumni Association usually organise, or can you introduce to us some of the highlight activities in the past?

Members of our alumni community scatter around the world, so we have organised many overseas gatherings to foster our connection. For instance, we had reunion trips to South Africa and Turkey, regional seminars and global alumni meetings in Washington and Mexico. Apart from playing golf and celebrating Christmas and New Year with our fellow alumni, our committee members and class representatives also meet regularly over dinner to catch up.


Alumni gathered for a fun time over golf and dinner in 2018


Class representatives meeting


OneMBA alumni joined the 55th-anniversary dinner of the CUHK MBA Programmes

Q4. Can you share with us the upcoming plans of the OneMBA Alumni Association?

We will continue to organise gatherings and festive celebrations when the situation allows. There will also be other professional development opportunities like online and offline seminars as well as company visits for our alumni to exchange ideas and explore partnership possibilities.

Committee Members of OneMBA CUHK Alumni Association Asia
President Daisy Lam (OneMBA 2007)
Vice President and Communication Chair Joseph Cheung (OneMBA 2007)
Vice President and Event Chair Fanny Ching (OneMBA 2007)
Treasurer Kenneth Mok (OneMBA 2005)
Secretary Joey Chung (OneMBA 2007)
Council (Membership and Event) David Yuen (OneMBA 2012)
Council (Communication) Daniel Wan (OneMBA 2014)


If you wish to connect with the OneMBA Alumni Association, please send an email to

CUHK EMBA (Chinese) Alumni Association

Founded in 2014, CUHK EMBA (Chinese) Alumni Association underwent the latest general election earlier this year pursuant to the organisational constitution. The new President Chan Chun (EMBA (Chinese) 2018) pledges to commit himself wholeheartedly to serving fellow alumni and building on the robust and sustainable development of the Association.


Dialogue with the President

Chen Jun (EMBA-Chinese 2018)

Q1. What is your current job? Please briefly describe your professional work scope or responsibilities.

I am the Chairman of an investment consultancy firm, Vice President of All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce Medical and Pharmaceutical Commercial Association, and Executive President of Beijing Young Entrepreneurs Association. My scope of work covers wider healthcare investment, with focus on the development of healthcare products and services, as well as healthcare management industry chain. I oversee the provision of relevant products, resources and services for investments in the healthcare industry, private equity opportunities in technology and innovation, and tech park/ incubator projects.


Q2. When did you join the EMBA (Chinese) Alumni Association and what inspired you to serve in the capacity of President?

I studies CUHK EMBA (Chinese) programme in 2014 and joined the EMBA (Chinese) Alumni Association in 2019. To me, the rich heritage of CUHK is deeply inspiring. I am particularly impressed by the Association’s organisational pillars of connection, contribution, corporation, and collaboration, on which the connection among alumni and with our alma mater is built through transforming activities. Spurred by the traditional virtues that value both self-actualisation and contribution to society, I am honoured to be part of the CUHK community and now President of the EMBA (Chinese) Alumni Association. After all, it is my aspiration to serve the Association and fellow alumni.

Chan Chun and his classmates and teacher at the graduation ceremony.


Q3. What is your vision for the EMBA (Chinese) Alumni Association in the wider alumni community?

The Association is as much an exchange platform as it is a conduit for cultural transmission that passes on CUHK’s spirit of excellence. In the mission of promoting the advancement of humanity, the University is the bedrock while the Association is the pillar of support that holds up our society and the progressive development of civilisation with its radiant emanations.


Q4. What qualities do you observe in the EMBA (Chinese) alumni community? What expectations do they hold of the Association?

Leveraging the Mainland as our hinterland while engaging itself globally, Hong Kong has the best of both worlds. The privileged geographical and political position of the city is reflected in CUHK’s strong ties with China and the rest of the world. The presence of alumni across geographies and industries, therefore, is the primary advantage of EMBA (Chinese) Alumni Association. With this in mind, fellow alumni expect us to build an inspiring community on the basis of mutual trust, where they can strike sparks off each other in an intellectual exchange that drives the sharing of information and resources.


Alumni enjoy a great time together in a gathering organised by the EMBA (Chinese) Alumni Association.


Q5. Could you share with us upcoming plans of the Association under your stewardship?

Our first priority is to build a platform that facilitates online and offline networking among alumni, especially during the pandemic. We are also collecting comments and opinions from fellow alumni, with a view to working towards a constructive framework for truly beneficial activities to take shape.


Committee Members of CUHK EMBA (Chinese) Alumni Association
President Chun Chan (EMBA – Chinese 2018)


Year of Admission/ Division Year of Admission/ Division
2008 Zhonghui Gao, Xiping Lei 2010 Mingyue Bai, Zhijian Luo, Hua Peng
2011 Jinfeng Cui, Qianming He, Shan Wan 2012 Yong Zhao, Zhenhua Zhou
2013 Lili Lu, Tao Li, Lei Wu 2014 Hongchuan Cui, Zhiqiang Li, Xiangqian You
2015 Minbin Li, Wei Yang, Luzhi Zhu 2018 Xiaodong Chen, Chunwei Li
2019 Yapeng Chen#, Jianxia Zhou, Xieyi Zhang#
Guangzhou Division Shanjun Li, Jian Yu# Southwest Division Hua Li
Hong Kong Division Liangping Liu, Bingzhao Tan, Tin Ping Benny Yuen Beijing Division Chun Chan, Junping Duan, Hui Fang


Members of Executive Committee of the Secretariat
Secretary General Lili Lu (EMBA – Chinese 2015)
Deputy Secretary* Sheng Zhou (EMBA – Chinese 2017)
Xiping Lei (EMBA – Chinese 2012)
Promotion Lead Xiaodong Chen (EMBA – Chinese 2020)
Organisation Lead Shanjun Li (EMBA – Chinese 2017)
Organisation Deputy Lead Jianxia Zhou (EMBA – Chinese 2021)
#Nominated members who can only be regarded as official members if they graduate in 2022 and the AA constitution is amended as intended

*Listed in no particular order


If you wish to connect with the CUHK EMBA (Chinese) Alumni Association, please send an email to


Alumni Association Series

CUHK Business School’s alumni have established multiple alumni associations around the world. These associations, classified by programme and region respectively, offer strong support to the Business School. In the coming months, we will introduce individual alumni associations in the Greater China Region via the lens of their Presidents one by one, with a hope to facilitate better understanding and support among the alumni community.

As an alumnus, you are highly encouraged to join an alumni association to keep abreast of the latest updates of your alma mater and the alumni community. Ignite more possibilities by connecting to a larger network and a whole new realm of professional development/ academic opportunities!