The enlightened entrepreneurial spirit and sustainable mindset of India alumni

Name Rohit Jha Tejas Raval
Study Programme MBA (2018) MBA (Two-Year/Full-time)(2018)
Nationality Indian Indian
Current Location New Delhi Hong Kong
Current Job Founder & CEO, Vikings Career Strategists Associate – Private Equity, Mordril Investments Limited

Q1. Please use 3 words to describe your life in your residing city.

Rohit: Rich culture, fast paced and numerous opportunities.  New Delhi, the capital of India, is known for its rich culture, political set-up, and the land of opportunities for young India. It has some of the best opportunities in IT, finance, and the public sector.

Tejas: Dynamic-International-Resilient. Hong Kong is a city where east meets west, old meets new, there are modern skyscrapers towering over rustic streets, mountain trails ending up at the sea. It is indeed a global financial hub where networking creates career opportunities.. Hong Kong – its people and businesses- have been resilient, they have overcome great crisis with profound commitment to grow !

Q2. What is the one thing you miss from your studies at CUHK Business School?

Rohit: There is a lot that I miss, such as hanging out at PGH, Library, working in study groups with diverse people, sports, and the coffee at the cafe in the Business School building.

Tejas: Impromptu brainstorming sessions (on random topics) at the Hostel common room with my batch mates without worrying too much about the time and schedule. I hope to relive those sessions once again !!

Q3. What did you learn in CUHK Business School which has impacted your life?

Rohit: It has been a memorable experience and CUHK actually fuelled my entrepreneurial spirit. That is also one of the reasons  why I am an entrepreneur. The right mix of the courses, interaction with the diverse crowd, networking in Hong Kong, live projects, and field trips equipped me to think like an entrepreneur and evolve as a business leader.

Tejas: CUHK Business School lays importance on building sustainable businesses, through its curriculum and CUHK Sustainability Conference. Within my profession, I have developed inclination towards Impact investing and Venture philanthropy. This is an area where I would like to devote more time personally and professionally.

Q4. Which industry do you see strong business potential in your country?

Rohit: India is a land of immense opportunities as we have the youngest working population and a huge market of 1.3 billion. The key sectors which are currently booming in India are technology, education technology and there is a huge potential in healthcare, infrastructure, and manufacturing.

Tejas: Fintech – I personally believe that Hong Kong has the talent, capital and the diversity for it to be coined as Silicon Valley in East. Entrepreneurs are leveraging on these resources to bridge the infrastructural gap by setting up their operations in Hong Kong.