Manuel (MBA 2019): Life as a real estate entrepreneur

Name     Manuel Valencia
Study Programme     MBA 2019
Nationality     Spain
Work Location     Madrid
Current Job     Co-founder (Addax Developments)


Q1. Please use 3 words to describe your life in your residing city.

Opportunities, challenging and comfort.

Spain is full of untapped opportunities. If you are wise enough to see the hidden gems, Spain is full of them. Right now, like the rest of the world, the COVID emergency is challenging but I am pretty sure we will all overcome it. The country has the comforts of any other Western European country but with pluses in climate, food and rich history.


Q2. What is the one thing you miss from your studies at CUHK Business School?

I really miss the vibrant environment of the school, which has to do with its location in Hong Kong, the Pearl River Delta dynamism and fast-paced world. I will be returning in order to get an even better grasp of it!


Q3. What did you learn in CUHK Business School which has impacted your life?

At CUHK, I learnt to think out the box and look for new opportunities. CUHK has pushed me to be an entrepreneur!


Q4. Which industry do you see strong business potential in your country?

I see strong potential in elderly care because many northern Europeans come to retire to my country while services related to this industry are always needed. As well, Spain is the second top automobile manufacturer in Europe after Germany so there are always opportunities here. But where I see most potential is in the real estate and hotel industry where I am an entrepreneur!